Monday, December 10, 2012

Maison De Mars: Of Love and Threshold

Most often people have their own fantasy of their love-life. What you want your partner to look like, your perfect date or how your want your wedding to be. Down to the smallest detail like where you want your wedding, how beautiful your wedding dress is or even what kind of souvenir you plan to give out. We'd also think of what we think we can endure when it comes to love.

As we go through life and experience things of all sorts, we surprise ourselves at how we alter our dreams and exceed what we thought was our threshold for pain.

After a breakup, we'd cry rivers of tears and decide that we can't live without our partners. We'd often cry out that we can't take anymore. But when time has passed and memories forgotten, we'd fall for another and a new threshold is set. As long as we chose to open our hearts and free ourselves from the web of past pains, we continue to love and let ourselves be loved - a new threshold is set.

When we look back at how far our current level is at, it may surprise you that it's very different from how you once imagined yourself. But when will it stop? How will one know if they've already reached the limit? Or is there any limit at all?

I guess the answer would be, if you're with the person who loves you and treats you right, makes you happy and supports you when you're weakened, comforts you, never lies and hurt you, there's really no levels or limits.

We simply hope that the person you're morphing yourself for is the right one, otherwise I think it would be a shame to lose yourself for someone who won't be there for you till the end.