Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two Thousand and Nine

Two Thousand and Nine

Two great horns from east
Rampaging beautiful beast
Year of the red horn

Raise my cup of wine
I touch the sky line
Come two thousand nine !

- Haiku, by Dallas J.J.B. (12:00mn)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Knight and the Dutchess

Knight and the Dutchess

silence is your friend
walks in your dark lonely path
gloomy cold winter

you are with me now
shed no tears my dear dutchess
let me wake you up

hold my hand tonight
i will take you up sky high
wings of eternal

knight of north redeem
dance with me my dear dutchess
mend your fragile heart

broken dreams rewind
resurrect your soul and mind
neverending love

Dallas (2008) J.B.B. 12-27-08 2:00 am

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Girls always think that guys are being competitive especially when it comes to sports and other kinds of stuff. It's like we feel great when we make the losers humiliated. Cool or Not ?

Actually... its not just guys.. Girls too.. XD

Taladder's Sky

look at the high moon
raise your cup with the old gods
immortals arise

it pours elixir
feel burning eternal life
infinite time length

lets drink more tonight
dance with the eight immortals
scholars in my vivid dream

drunken king released
like a dragon soaring wild
ill embrace the clouds

toast for the new age
moon is not fading tonight
my soul relentless

- (12.21.08) Dallas J.B.B.
(i wrote this when i was drunk last night after party and another gig-inuman)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


my final salute
i left my stage for eons
welcome dream breaker

cast my curse behind
falling pear petals for you
covering velvet

do not weep tonight
look for sprit of true eye
see my blue comet

- Haiku by Dallas. J.B.B. (12.19.2008)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long lost love...

Dear Tissipeia,

"its been two weeks since they started to attack versalis city.. we can't hold the bridge anymore..It is quite cool weather here now and some snow upon the ground but not enough to make sleighing. it seems that this war cannot be ended by lots of sacrificial lambs like us. lord maximillian is also dying because most of his vital organs got hit by some sorcery. our southern army has already surrendered after being mass attacked by draconians as well. believe it or not, i saw captain rix used his ancient trance, yes, the forbidden shadowflames of nether mist.. just like in the books we used to read together. hey, i still have your letters..i always read them when i feel down and missing you. I get lonesome sometimes and I not know what to do, if I ever get out of the service alive i am going to settle down and get married. I hope i could go back home and have a nice afternoon tea with you. i'm going home, i will survive this war, marry you, start a family.. we will be back together. i miss you.. i love you.. my dear you dont know how glad i would be if i could get to see you once more on earth it would be great pleasure ... to hear that peace was made so i could come home to see you and to stay with you the remainder of my days and to enjoy myself with you."

Sincerely yours,
Nexume Cirdan Bloodmourne

"my heart only belongs to you.. please take care of yourself, do the best you can and do not grieve after me.."

- Nexume

- Long lost war letter of Nexume Cirdan Bloodmourne for Tissipeia O'erthe. A part of a war and romance book "Draeganheim" made by me. ^^

Southern Cottage

I found her in a cottage, full of hand paints and leaves
there was a letter on the table, full dreams!
Singing with the wind as the earth plays the flute
and the fire dances around her, sky breeze!
I saw her yesterday painting her cottage with cats
so colorful, so artistic, paw prints and hand marks
every corner looks lively and sweet
i sense the spirit of this house made of wood
And the end of the day
i want to leave the this place smiling
im a poor minstrel, living day by day with my guitar
watching you each day fills my mind with happy moments
someday, we will be together...

- Jason B.

Three Point One Four

I was playing Osu! yesterday, its a game where dexterity and accuracy is needed. All you need to do is to follow the beat of the song by clicking the dots that flashes on the screen using your mouse. So, i downloaded some songs.. like DragonballZ, CaramelDansen, Daftpunk (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger)... but this song from Bloodhound Gang caught my attention. Bloodhound Gang is an american alternative rock band and most of their songs have satyrical lyrics.. well its a cool band. So i played this song in Osu! here is the lyrics...

Three Point One Four

My last girlfriend didn't like me thought she might be,
Most likely a dyke she just didn't excite me,
Lefty? Yeah but that was alright,
She was hotter than the sun but she just wasn't that bright,
My mistake she was more flaky than a leper colony,
I think a wooden clothespin would have been much better company,
Ass like a donkey acting funky gave her "L" now she's a flunky,
So my love for her died quicker than a batch of Sea Monkeys,
Early bird gets the worm spread your legs or spread the word,
So what if I'm not the smartest peanut in the turd,
I'm white which goes with everything but I can come in any color,
And I'm looking for the kind of girl that reminds me of my mother,
But it's hard to find a girl with a viper tattooed on her tushy,
And how many girls do you know that can play the harmonica with their pussies?
Like em' easy and hot and sweet like a Rice Krispie Treat, gee,
You know what I really want in a girl? Me,

I need to find a new vagina,
Any kind of new vagina,
It's hard to rhyme a word like vagina,
Calvin Klein? Kind of North Carolina,

Women are like dog, doo, hear me through don't interrupt,
It's just the older that they are the easier they get to pick-up,
I'd fill the generation gap clean the cobwebs from her rafters,
Old hens would rather put out than be put out to the pasture,
No age just ain't a gauge I like my girls like my cheese,
Preferably for me fat-free American singles only,
I want my next chick anorexic, the winner is the thinner,
Won't have to take her skinny ass out to a fancy dinner,
Like Sizzler she got a beef we'll chew the fat,
If I forget to put the seat up I can put up with her crap,
Let her lash out and crack the whip but not in bed I don't play rough,
No I can't be tied down with a girl that wants me tied up,
Just independent like NOFX ,smart like Janeane Garafolo,
She'd use big words to make fun of me so that I would never know,
Bestow upon me all her wisdom of the Dewey Decimal System, gee,
You know what I really want in a girl? Me,

"I think on the first record there's stuff that [offended people]… Really we're not trying to shock anybody, we're just saying things that we laugh at..." - Daddy Long Legs – Vocalist

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Harroo~ readers ! It's already 7:40 am, kakauwi lang from work. So fucked up and crap.. but its a very good day, i say
So here are 10 things that comes in my mind..

1.) Gifts! Okay, so christmas day is coming.. YEY! I received lots of gifts first week pa lang ng december, including a Sawaraki Samurai. OH YEAH! i love collecting swords. Kahit mga replica lang. What else.. hmm, puro monetary from titos and titas eh. Syempre, pang~gig to at makakasama ko na naman ang kaibigang Red Horse.. eck.. ayoko na ng Red Horse..

2.) Drums and Guitars ! So nagpunta ako last time sa new house ni uncle rebs and i was surprised na meron pala sha studio dun with two drum sets and fifteen different branded guitars. Geeee! and im sure magagaling tumugtog ang mga cousins ko. Sana pwede kami gawa ng band din? XD nasa clan talaga namin ang pagiging musician.. yan lang masasabi ko!

3.) Forums. I've been active to this "Only For Men" forums lately.. and you know, boys stuff. Like.. if you reached 200 posts and you'll get to access this BABE PICS THREADS.. and if you hit 1000 posts, you're a premium member and unli access sa "THE STUFF" yeah. like.. pics, vids and stuff. Errr? hindi mo pa rin gets? okay.. FHM Magazine Copies, Maria Ozawa and S1 Babes Pics, Asian Girls Pics.. of course may mga nudities dun and porn. Boys will be boys.

4.) What am i doing right now? I'm sittin' on my cozy chair, eating my breakfast. (Half Cup of Rice, Spam and Oatmeal). Wearing boxer shorts .. yun lang! SYEMPRE ANG LAMIG! im also charging my digicam. Na~lowbatt kahapon. huhuhu~

5.) NPA. New People's Army. Nasa news na cease fire daw sila ngayong december. Yes, i do care sa ganitong issues. Ano kala mo sa akin, Work-Play lang ? Syempre may pakealam ako sa nangyayari sa mundo. hahaa, Ayoko na maulit ang nangyari last december 30 MRT Bombing.

6.) Animals! Alam mo bang may 1000 species na discover na animals sa earth last week lang ? Yeah, like giant spider and .. the only one animal who caught my attention is the Green Viper. yep, of course its poisonous.. one bite and this serpent will send you flying. LOLOLOLOL.
Now im singing.. AFRICA by Toto. Someday. If Steve Irwin is still alive.. he'll say.. CRIKEY MATE! WHAT A BEAUTY!

7.) Love.. syempre di mawawala ang usapang lab layp. I was thinking.. that if ever i found someone who is suitable for me... liligawan ko sha araw-araw? like.. from the day we met, til the day i die. Serious. I've been talking with my alter-ego about this issue... and as we all know, sweet lang ang lalake while on the "ligaw" stage (including yung pagtatago ng masasamang behaviour and habits) and after siya sagutin ng girl. HELL BREAKS LOOSE ! dyan na lalabas ang totoong ugali and stuff. Sick and tired of going to a romantic place and stuff.. tapos dun mo sasabihin lahat ng mga sweet words.. blah blah, masasabi mo pa ba yon if ever mainit sa jeep? siksikan sa MRT ? LQ kayo ? or Badtrip ang girlfriend mo? .. Syempre dapat lang. Kahit hindi maganda ang scenario, basta sabihin mo lang na mahal mo siya in times of trouble not always in a romantic place w/ candlelights blah blah.. So gusto ko baguhin ang pananaw ng mga babae na.. "SUS, ganyan naman kayong mga lalake, PARE~PAREHO KAYO!". nuff said

8.) SNOP Activity. Moments ago, yung supervisor namin na si mickey ay nagpa~games about "getting-to-know" each other. Syempre, not in our team or SNOP Team. But sa new comers na team from 23rd floor. yeah! marami sila and puro girls. WOooooooooooT! So yung game is parang BINGO. Imagine a bingo card with lots of drawings instead of numbers and every box has sumthing related to this person. How to win? Syempre, you need to fill all the boxes with the correct person's name.. so, need mo kausapin lahat ng girls sa group. Eto ako... silent type, mysterious guy.. geee.. i mean, i almost completed my card but im still having hard time communicating with people in that kind of method. Anyways, i have my own methods and stuff.. but its a good activity coz marami din ako nakilala. Meron pa nga dun Hot Mama at Sugar Mommy. OH YEAH !!!

9.) LIBRE! the best things in life are FREE. nah, im talking about the LIBRE newspaper. I saw a "manong" na kumuha ng isang damukal na LIBRE. TANGINA! LIBRE YON EH! Pero bakit marami?! papabasa nya sa mga tropapips nya? or baka gagawin nya lang pamunas ng pwet!? Oh well.. basta ang favorite kong content dun ay ang Pugad Baboy, Kalokohang Horoscope.. teka.. Scorpio ako and ang nakalagay dun.. "Smile mo pa lang, kanin na lang ang ulam" SYET ! hahaah. and of course Sports. XD

10.) About this blog. I'm writing now to exercise my brain. Hindi yung naka~tengga ka lang at nakatulala, nagiisip ng emo shit and stuff. I mean... WASTE OF BRAIN CELLS YON! I'm an intelligent person and i wont waste every second of my life, foo ! anyways, i think hanggang dito nalang ang blog ko.. dahil im playing this friggin' video game and 9pm ang maintenance nya. So, see ya later!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Hi readers.. matagal na ata ako hindi nag susulat ng blog.
So, what makes me busy these days ?

Eto, work.. im having problems what to wear on our christmas party. Its on december 20, 2008 and our theme is Music Video Awards. Uhmmm.. ano ba maganda suutin ? I'm planning to wear Pimp suits. YEAH ! Classy dba? I like how Katt Williams dresses as a pimp. He's a stand up comedian-actor and starred as a Pimp in the movie Norbit. Pero hindi naman yata maganda if im gonna wear those pimp set, right ? btw, it costs 10,000 pesos w/ bling blings and stuff. LOL. So nag shopping ako kanina and i bought 2 Levis 501 jeans yung new release nila and some neat polo shirts from human, giordano and bench. Simple stuff nalang susuutin ko. Next week i'm gonna buy a kewl jacket para sa get-up ko. XD

Last saturday i also went to SM and i bought a brand new Samsung Monitor 15" yeah! 15 inches lang dahil gusto ko yung maliit lang. yoko ng 20"+ masakit na sa mata eh. besides, may astigmatism ako. huhuh. I also bought a pack of Lucky Strike Cigarettes, my favorite, Cowboy ka ba? mag Lucky Strike ka and 6 pcs. of spark stones for my Zippo Lighter. So cool ka na nyan? LOL.



Heto! Masaya para rin mag Graveyard Shift. I guess mas productive ako kapag gabi. buwahahaa double meaning ba? LOL. I mean.. walang hassle sa byahe from Paranaque-Ortigas back and forth. Ano ba ang bago sa office... Oh! I miss our bossing, si Michelle. Pareho kami Mapuan and she's so nice and bubbly. Get well soon. XD Ano nga pala.. ano ba mga pet peeves ko dito sa office.. ahh si Smiley! yep, smiley ang tawag ko sa kanya kase ang Face pa lang. parang ayaw ngumiti.. he's looks like an asshole and walang manners. Nagpapalakasan pa sila mag "BURP" w/ his subordinates. Stupid! And also, some newly hired people here... yung nasa tapat ko, Kanta ng kanta and im fuckin' pissed. I mean, Charice Pempengco ka ba? So here i am, grabbin' my headset and now listening to Deicide. I'm having problems with my Microsoft Outlook as well, i cant send/receive emails good. Buti nalang nakausap ko si Precious and she fixed everything for me. (wooot~ nice name, cute kya sha?)


I'm a metalhead, although i dont dress like metalhead. I downloaded Bathory - Hammerheart album last thursday. What's Bathory?! It's a Blackmetal Band who play Viking Metal sub-genre of metal music. Okay, so hindi mo trip ang heavymetal.. but Viking metal talks about adventures, wars and norse stuff. LONG LIVE ODIN and THOR! MABUHAY ANG ASGARD ! hahaha. i love Norse mythology. oh! I've been listening to Aluto these past few weeks.. Ano sila eh.. Pair, its like MYMP. Yung guy on vocals-guitars and teh very uber cute lady on violin. the song? Michi~To You All :
here's the link : Aluto - Michi To You All
It's a nice song listen to it..


I'm interested sa book na nakita ko sa Fully Booked. It's a book of nude paintings. Walang malisya pero maganda ang book, iba't ibang painting style and almost lahat ng nasa painting ay women. Why women ? i dunno.. but in my opinion, men loves to draw a women's body because waaaaay~back zillion years ago, (Bible) eve is part of adam. So.. that means. kung galing sa lalake ang babae.. its just that men loves to paint a part of him.. his life .. part of his life. Another explanation ng naughty mind ko is.. sexy kase ang babae, i mean.. lahat ng model dun puro magaganda ang curves and breasts. You know, pagdating sa ganyan, i know what is "good" and what is not. So nag drawing din ako ng sa akin, kahit walang model, of course malufet imagination ko. Hahaha!


Batchoy ! Iloilo's Finest ! when i was a kid.. my dad/mom used to treat me in a batchoy house after having a *paiyakan* na haircut.. and DAMN ! Ang sarap ! the best ! Noodles + Chicken + Beef + Chicharon + yung sabaw na hindi ko alam kung ano yon.. hahaha. Kaya ko siguro favorite to dahil Iloilo ang Birthplace ko !



stuck in this solitary life.. im a lone wolf..
i only howl because you're so far away....
my homeland is gone.. you are my home..
you are my love.. you are my prey..
under the golden sun i race with my brothers ..
under the silver moon i cry with my sisters...
so far away.. i can't reach for you.. be near me..
only darkness envelops my heart..
envy is crawling under my skin..
blood rushes through my veins..
my hunger for you is growing strong...
i love your smile.. i love your hair..
i love your scent... my prey.. my desire..

- Dallas


Closing song..

Michi~ To You All

English Translation

Just like always
As I turn that corner
I am lost in the waves of people
Melting, disappearing

I lose my way
I even completely lose my words

But just one thing
Remains, remains
Your voice

Your smiling faces, your angry faces, everything
Keeps me walking on
The point where the clouds break
I'm sure you can see it

You know what I mean? (You know what I mean?)

Even though I live ambiguously
My heart is immature, but
Because of it, look, over there is
The person important to me

If you get lost
I will be your guide
If you believe in me

I'm positive I know the way
So don't be afraid

The light collects and shoots across the sky
Like it understands you

And then, the road you walk
Shines even more

Forever... (Forever...)

Going from your hair to your voice to your mouth, to your fingertips

It's just as good now (It's just as good now)

House of Mars: Long Lost Innocence.

Love perseveres. Men change.
After all that I have been through, each time that a situation calls me to remember the past, I realize that I have never really grown out of love...It's just that, I found more and learned. So true enough, it perseveres. But we learn and change.

I just thought of it when I had a conversation last night with a someone special. Weird...after a long time of trying to delete that part of my memory I started digging it out again.

I have changed a lot. Love and revenge changed me. I have loved so much and when I lost it, I fought for it the wrong way. To my mistake; I'm sorry I have gotten you into that mess. Past is past. That was just it. I have lost that innocence that love has tried so hard to keep safe for me. At some point I am sorry about it, but then, I learned and I moved on. It brought me to where I am. I could only be thankful that I didn't totally drown in hell with the kind of life that we could have possibly put ourselves into. To the love that I lost; I thank you. That's it.

It hurts to think of the past, not that I am being sorry for losing or being betrayed or played on but it hurts me to realize how much time and feelings I have wasted then...and it would always hurt to realize not being able to control myself.

I have made my mistake. There's nothing that I can do about it but to move on. Having gone through it all and being honest about it to every person who would ask about it doesn't make me lesser of a person. If they wouldn't be able to accept me for that, fine. I can't do anything about their ignorance. As I have always said before; I am not born to please anybody.

Until I found out I am inlove again, I promised I wouldn't make the same mistake and would try hard to keep it...for good...and may God help me keep it...let the universe conspire...

If it wouldn't be now, then may be next year, the next year or the next and other next...I don't care how long it would let me wait...for as long as it doesn't lead me back to the same trash...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Summer Day Star

Summer Day Star, why is it red?
Last night I had sad dreams
Crying as I spoke
With red eyes
Summer Day Star, why is it lost?
I'm searching for a child who vanished
And so I will see sad dreams.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Best Of Times !

This song is for you... where ever i go.. what ever i do... i always think of you..
We will face lots of ups and downs, just never forget our best times. I will be always be here for you. hold your hand, never let you cry and be with you till the ends of time...

Winter is coming...
Someday, i will look at the sky and pray.. thank you god for having this special person in my life...

I'll dedicate this song for you. I chose this because we may be busy with our lives and sometimes forget to communicate with each other but, we'll keep our memories in our hearts.

so here it goes:

Tonight's the night we'll make history, honey, you and I
And I'll take any risk to tie back the hands of time
And stay with you here tonight
I know you feel these are the worst of times
I do believe it's true
When people lock their doors and hide inside
Rumor has it it's the end of Paradise
But I know, if the world just passed us by
Baby I know, you wouldn't have to cry

The best of times are when I'm alone with you
Some rain some shine, we'll make this a world for two
Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime
We'll take the best, forget the rest
And someday we'll find these are the best of times
These are the best of times

The headlines read 'these are the worst of times'
I do believe it's true
I feel so helpless like a boat against the tide
I wish the summer winds could bring back Paradise
But I know, if the world turned upside down
Baby, I know you'd always be around

The best of times are when I'm alone with you
Some rain some shine, we'll make this a world for two
Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime
We'll take the best, forget the rest
And someday we'll find these are the best of times
These are the best of times

And so my friends we'll say goodnight
For time has claimed it's prize
But tonight will always last
As long as we keep alive memories of Paradise...

suddenly, i wanna drink lots of sake this coming weekend.


Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's a new program sa blog ko. hahaaha~ but before i start.
i really wanted to thank caeli for showing me the way and saving
me from being sunk in my own black hole.

So here are 10 things that comes in my mind..

1.) Konduktor sa bus na sumisingil sa mga pasahero, amoy pera ito at hindi kaaya~aya ang amoy. Masipag magtrabaho at ang serbisyo ang garantisado.

2.) Kaibigang putik, sila ang tipong kaibigang sasamahan ka sa oras ng katuwaan ngunit hindi mo alam na nakatutok pala ang kanyang mga pangil sa iyong likuran.

3.) Grammar ko sa English. Yeah ! i'm really having hard time in constructing words in english. Yep, i'm not really good at it.. so thats why i usually write my blogs in tagalog. >_<

4.) Leilei ! cute sha at kausap ko palagi sa YM. Naka Santa~hat ang picture nya today and it really looks good ! mabuhay ka kaibigan !

5.) My Sister! She's going to take teh Nursing board exam. this coming November 29-30. Pass or Fail, i will always support you my dear sister! (Pero siyempre ipasa mo !)

6.) John Testa, our ICG engineering and sales department manager. He's from St. Louis, Missouri. Soon, we're going to meet this kick-ass boss na sobrang bait sa amin ! FUCK YOU MARVIN COX !

7.) My brokenhearted friends.. marami ako kaibigang mga brokenhearted. Some are taken for granted, yung iba na two-time and yung iba iniwan ng basta basta. To my dearest friends, hangga't buhay ako, lagi ako nandito para sa inyo at handa ibigay ang attention ko. FRIENDS FOREVER!

8.) Mix Martial Arts. DAMN ! bakit ako obssessed dito ? i mean... i like this kind of sports.. but i dont like the knock out part.. and damn! why do i love this shit?? What if kung ako ang ma~knockout? anyways, mag aadvance brazillian jiu jitsu pa rin ako sa January. Since, may knowledge na ako sa Aikido (defense and counter strikes), much better if i study the art of ground control of jiu jitsu.

9.) Twilight and the other 3 books. Naalala ko ang isang friend ko na naghahanap ng books na ito and i saw it sa Fully-Booked bookshop-cafe. Humingi ako ng comment sa 4 friends ko na book lovers, and they told me that the storyline is not that good. I like the cover, especially yung sa New Moon, and also one comment sa book. "Move over! Harry Potter!". LOL. Anyways, i bought 4 of em' and ireregalo ko nalang sa pasko.

10.) Maintenance, MAINTENANCE NG RF, MAINTENANCE NG GRAND CHASE AND MAINTENANCE NG CABAL !!! I HATE TUESDAYS. LOL. I'm a hardcore gamer.. and i hate maintenance. Well, there's nothing we can do about it... para rin sa ating mga gamers to and for a better gaming experience. I already downloaded teh 1.6 GB installer ng ZX Online. Yeah! i already saw the trailers and its gameplay. It's kinda cool because meron dun parang Dragon Emperor guy who casts deathballs, dragon fire spells and all sorts of amazing one of a kind kick ass black magic spells.

That's all for now! Now i'm gonna sleep na ! CIAO!

Diamond Gallery

This lady walks in the diamond gallery
Winter breeze blows through her hair
So sweet and young
You are mine and i am yours

I am a captain of this never ending journey

Come with me, Let me take you to the endless ocean
Let's free our mind, for i am the captain of this dream caravel
No more tears, no more hunger, no more sufferings

You are mine and these two hearts sing as one
Mine only beats for you, and only you
Allow me to show you what i feel
Everything in this diamond gallery is unique and real

Walk with me to the light
Ill show you the path. Fear not ! I'm here by your side
I need you and i love you
You are my treasure

Now Let me hold your hand, hold you tight
Climb on the top of the mountain, take a deep breath
Jump together
Fall in love forever

This is the most wonderful thing that happened to my life
Our love is beyond immortality

- Dallas (2008)


Gumising ka sa katotohanan.. hindi lahat ng bagay na gusto mo ay makukuha mo. Siguro sa paglipas ng panahon makukuha mo rin yan na parang pag-abot ng iyong mga kamay sa buwan. Na kada pag abot mo ay unti unti itong lumalapit sayo. Sa ganitong panahon, kailangan na kalimutan lahat ng mga taong nakasakit sa iyong damdamin at bigyan ng kaunting atensyon ang mga taong ito, bagkus, ikaw pa rin ang magsisilbing ilaw para sa mga nagluluksang mga puso at mga durog na pangarap.

Itago ang iyong damdamin, kalimutan na magmahal at ituloy ang iyong daan para sa mga pangarap. Hindi naman mawawala ang mga bagay na yan at mapapasaiyo din yan. Ibalik ang dating ugaling nakasanayan na, iwanan na ang pagiging sensitibo at iwasan ang mga gawain na ikakalugmok mo sa putik ng kabiguan.

Maging pasensyoso ka! Isipin mo ang mga bagay na "suntok sa buwan" ay kayang abutin!!! Nagawa mo dati ang imposible, kaya mo ulit itong gawin ngayon.
Kalimutan na lahat ng mga nahihirapan. Sarili mo nga hindi mo matulungan, yung ibang tao pa kaya?! Kung pareho lang talaga sana nagkakaintindihan ang dalawang panig, wala sanang ganito... wala sanang hinanakit. Wala sanang pusong masasaktan. Wala sanang pagbabago na mangyayari sa sarili... ewan ko! Alam ko naguguluhan ang iyong isipan.

Alam ko ginagawa mo ang ganito upang protektahan ang iyong damdamin laban sa mga bagay na ikasasakit ng iyong puso. Kaibigan... halika, sumama ka sa akin at dadalin kita sa mundo ng puot at galit. Wag ka na sumama sa isang mong katauhan na ang alam lang ay magmahal at magaruga. Wag ka na malungkot dahil sa galit na mararamdaman mo sa ating paglalakbay, ikaw ay magiging malakas ikaw ay magiging malaya! Gamitin ang utak, pati ang pusong umaalab! Tumayo ka kaibigan at wakasan na natin ang walang kwentang sayaw na to.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to be a "ROMANTIC MAN"

Give her a compliment. Don’t just say, “You look great Honey.” Be specific. Notice her shoes or her hair. This will let her know that you’re paying attention.

Write your feelings down in a card, or on any scrap of paper for that matter. Women love it when a man takes the time to articulate his feelings and put them in writing.

Pay attention to things she says or notices, like when watching TV or shopping or out walking. If she says something like, “Oh, I’ve always loved Picasso,” file that away in your brain and then surprise her sometime with a small Picasso-themed gift. This, too, will tell her that you are bothering to learn about her and then acting on what you learn.

Light a candle for dinner or in the bedroom.

Hold her hand.

Create your own romantic ecards, photo albums, slideshows, and videos using photos of the two of you.

Put your arm on the back of her chair in a restaurant, theater, or friend’s house.

Plan a fun date . Even if you’ve been married or dating for years, women like it when a man makes a plan.

Take her in your arms in the middle of the day for no
reason and kiss her passionately.

Send a bouquet of flowers to her at work. All her female co-workers will be envious!

Give her a massage or foot rub.

Take her for a walk at night when the moon is full, or if you live in the city, take a drive away from city lights to where you can see the stars and go for a walk.

Rent a classic romantic movie you know she likes, (we don’t mind seeing the same great romantic movie over and over!) make some popcorn, put a blindfold on her and lead her to the couch.

If she’s going on a business trip, hide love notes in her suitcase.

Surprise her at work by taking her out for lunch.

Dedicate a song on the radio to her.

When she’s taking a shower, write “I Love You” on the steamed-up mirror.

Remember the day you first met, or the day you first kissed, or some other ‘first’ in your relationship and celebrate that anniversary by taking her out to dinner.

Slowly kiss her neck.

Pack a cooler or picnic basket with yummy food and take her on a picnic.

Friday, November 21, 2008

For Ladies.

Teenagers should never stay in a relationship with a guy who abuses you either physically or emotionally. Teens should never forgive a guy who abuses them in any manner. You have to be strong mentally and stay away from such a guy even if he apologizes for his behavior later on. If the guy has hurt you before chances are that he will do it again in future even if he promises not to; you have no reason to believe his word. It is a bad idea to be with someone who endangers you.

If your boyfriend does not respect you, belittles you in front of others, you should break up with him straightaway. If he is the one controlling your life, not letting you take decisions yourself, interfering with your every move, it is time for you to find someone else and move on.

If you do not trust your boyfriend anymore then walk away from such a relationship. Being honest, trusting and having faith on your guy is very important for any relationship. If you are suspicious of your guy then you would never be happy. If you feel that your boyfriend has cheated on you in the past; after apologizing and getting back together he again making the same mistake; then put an end to your relationship immediately. If you try to love someone who you do not trust will make you an insecure person; therefore it is better to stay away from such guys.


A relationship cannot survive if the two parties involved are not after the same things. If you want to be in a serious committed relationship, but your boyfriend is thinking of it as a more casual type of situation, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Don’t put yourself in the perfect position to get hurt. If you are looking for a potential husband, then you should be dating a man who is looking to settle down. If you are focused on your career right now and not on fostering a long-term romance, then you shouldn’t be with a man who is focused on taking your relationship to the next level of commitment. It doesn’t make any sense to pair yourself up with a guy who has different intentions than you do. After you have been dating someone exclusively for a while, you should have a talk about where your relationship is headed and where both of you want to see it going. The reason that you should wait a little while, like a couple of months, before you have the “where is this relationship headed” talk is because you need to give yourself time to figure out your feelings, and so does your boyfriend. Until the two of you have established yourselves as a couple, it is too soon to make a judgment about your desires for the future. Remember, just because you decide that you think that this relationship is worth taking to the next level, that doesn’t mean that the relationship is certainly going to last – it just means that you are both willing to find out. If you have the talk and you find out that he is not interested in making things more serious and you are, then you will be able to spare yourself of further hurt feelings by ending the relationship. If you don’t talk about what the two of you want, then you are going to wind up putting your heart on your sleeve for nothing. Even if the talk doesn’t go the way you wished it would have, it is still better to find out what your boyfriend’s intentions are so that you don’t waste your time in a relationship with someone who is not on the same page as you.


You should never stay in a relationship with a man who is physically or emotionally abusive towards you. Physical abuse is not something that you should forgive under any circumstances – you are worth far more than a relationship that involves domestic violence. Your boyfriend may apologize until he is red in the face, but you have to stay strong and put yourself first. If he hit you once, then you have absolutely no reason to believe him when he tells you that it will never happen again, and you should not stick around to find out. Second chances are not something that should be afforded to everyone, and violent situations are a prime example of the unforgivable when it comes to a romantic relationship. You deserve better – you deserve someone who will respect you and your safety – not someone who endangers you. If you are worried that your boyfriend will become physically abusive when you break it off, then do it in a well lit public place, and be prepared to call the police. If he threatens you, you should immediately call the authorities and get a restraining order of protection against him so that your safety is not compromised. Emotional abuse can hurt just as bad as the physical kind. If your boyfriend is constantly berating you and putting you down, you should break up with him right away. If he tries to control your life by keeping tabs on your every move and monitoring your interactions with family and friends, then you need to get out of the relationship. You are in the boss of you, no matter what. Your boyfriend has no right whatsoever to dictate your existence and you need to respect yourself enough to leave a man who tries to control and hurt you.


If your relationship lacks trust, then you are better off without the relationship. Honesty is the most important policy for a happy couple. It is very hard to get over deception. If you are suspicious that your boyfriend has not been faithful to you, then how are you going to enjoy your time together? First off, figure out why you don’t trust your boyfriend. If it is because you have had boyfriends cheat on you in the past, then you might be behaving unfairly. You can not transfer your mistrust of one man to another. You have to work on your ability to trust. If, on the other hand, you have caught your boyfriend in lies or he has been exhibiting signs of infidelity, or if he has cheated in the past and you forgave him but suspect he is up to his old tricks again, then you should break up with him. Trying to love someone that you do not trust will make you become a jealous and insecure person, and that is not who you want to be.

Dallas says.. "How women thinks..."

This is the word women use to end an argument when they feel they are right and you need to shut up. Never use "fine" to describe how a woman looks - this will cause you to have one of those arguments.

This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so it's an even trade.

This means "something," and you should be on your toes. "Nothing" is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. "Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last "Five Minutes" and end with "Fine"

GO AHEAD (With Raised Eyebrows)

This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over "Nothing" and will end with the word "Fine"

GO AHEAD (Normal Eyebrows)
This means "I give up" or "do what you want because I don't care" You will get a "Raised Eyebrow Go Ahead" in just a few minutes, followed by "Nothing" and "Fine" and she will talk to you in about "Five Minutes" when she cools off. LOUD SIGH This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot at that moment, and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing"

Again, not a word, but a non-verbal statement. "Soft Sighs" mean that she is content. Your best bet is to not move or breathe, and she will stay content.

This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before paying you back for whatever it is that you have done. "That's Okay" is often used with the word "Fine" and in conjunction with a "Raised Eyebrow."

At some point in the near future! re, you are going to be in some mighty big trouble. PLEASE DO This is not a statement, it is an offer. A woman is giving you the chance to come up with whatever excuse or reason you have for doing whatever it is that you have done. You have a fair chance with the truth, so be careful and you shouldn't get a "That's Okay"

A woman is thanking you. Do not faint. Just say you're welcome. THANKS A LOT This is much different from "Thanks." A woman will say, "Thanks A Lot" when she is really ticked off at you. It signifies that you have offended her in some callous way, and will be followed by the "Loud Sigh." Be careful not to ask what is wrong after the "Loud Sigh," as she will only tell you "Nothing"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HOUSE OF MARS : Talking...

Talking to one's self

Talking to one's self sounds so crazy and weird. . but it is not! Of course you wouldn't take a chance talking out loud in a public place would you? Surely, people would reasonably think that you are going nuts! Worst scenario here would be; people might think that you really are and they would end up calling authorities and in your profound wildest dream would lead you somewhere that you may least expected it. So, be wary and choose the right place to where and when you talk to your self. For me? I talk to my self for just simple heart-warming reasons and if you dread me for this? I am sorry but one thing I could assure you, I am not crazy but I just want to do this my way.

I talk to my self when I am sad; it gives me a feeling of relief in the end;

I talk to my self when I am in trouble; it gives me the ability to weigh things rationally;

I talk to my self when I am mad; it gives me the time I need to calm down;

I talk to my self when I feel hopeless; it gives me the pleasure to think optimistic;

I talk to my self when I had a fight with a loved one; it would strike me a chord and act;

I talk to my self when I am so damn exhausted; it would always loosen me up;

I talk to my self when I lost something; it gives me the assurance that I could still have those back someday;

I talk to my self when I am pressured at work; it would guarantee me the comfort of my bed at the end of the day;

I talk to my self when things go wrong; it would justify me that tomorrow is another new day;

I talk to my self when I am lonely; it would give me a direction to the store to grab an ice cream for a treat;

I talk to my self when I am bruised; it gives me an energy to re-collect myself with courage;

I talk to my self when I am bored; it would remind me to do something new and different;

I talk to my self when I felt so sluggish; it would remind me to get my energy and muscles back;

I talk to my self when I am wounded; it would remind me that sulking has no place in my heart;

But. . . .

I also talk to my self when I am happy; it gives me a gratifying big smile;

I also talk to my self when I have done well; it gives me a feeling of self worthiness;

I also talk to my self when I have won in a game; It pats me big time on my back;

I also talk to my self when I have finished my job on time; it assures me of my competency at work;

I also talk to my self when I have helped someone in need; It humbly assures me of my social obligation to others;

I also talk to my self when I made someone happy; it assures me of my capability;

I also talk to my self when I love someone; it would give me more reasons to love;

I also talk to my self when I have made my pet happy; it gives me a norturing feeling and a rewarding purr;

I also talk to my self when I have done things new to me; it would show me my other raw (untapped) potentials;

I also talk to my self when I thought about my family; it gives me a sense of longing ness;

I also talk to my self when i have seen flowers and greens; it assures me of my appreciation to nature;

I also talk to my self when I have acquired new things; it would remind me that it is not always work and indulgence is ok;

I also talk to my self when I have pacified differences; it gives me the confidence to bridge gaps ;

I also talk to my self when someone made me feel special; it would make me buy a rose and thank the person a 100X.

Undeniably yes, I talk to my self a whole lot and the good thing is? It works wonder on me. It gives me the capability to use my faculties to evaluate things, enjoy my feelings I have inside and the feeling of gratitude that I have afterwards, is a blissful reward. I am not crazy-crazy and weird-weird kinda' person but I talk to myself whenever I feel like connecting to my self and whatever state of senses I am in . . . just like I am talking to you or to anybody else.

In this world where "temporary" is a dog-eared statement and people around us tend to be unreliable and volatile as they too oftentimes gobbled by their own problems, concerns and priorities as well, we tend to shy away and distance ourselves a little and say oopps! not because they don't have ready answers for us but because demanding even a little time from them is somewhat too much for us to humbly ask for. In moments like this, we develop our own approaches and defences on how to deal with our own emotions, judgments, worries, uncertainties, questions and even happiness, joy, excitement and pleasure just to keep our sanity at bay, and the only person you could readily rely on is no other than Y-O-U - - then rely and lean on to that, talk to your self and you will be surprised to see how reliable and wonderful your shots would be that you do not need any intervention of any sort to appraise and evaluate things within our very own range of able reasoning. After all, you couldn't say no (to yourself). . . . could you?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wasap mga peeps! Ang topic natin ngayon ay mga pimp' yeah! PIMPS! Ano ba ang mga pimps?
well.. sila ay tinatawag na mga Fleshmongers or Bugaw. Sila ay nag eendorse ng mga prostitutes o nagbebenta ng laman. Syempre, malaki ang kita sa mundo na pagiging pimp. Although, dito sa pinas, medyo skwater ang mga pimp dito dahil muka silang dugyutin na naka shorts at t-shirt. Sasabihan ka pa nila "BOSS CHIX BOSS CHIX O!" Yeah.. and it sucks.. anyways kaya ko natalakay ang topic na to, ay dahil para sa Christmas Party namin. Ehhh ang theme ay Music Awards, so naisip ko.. magdadamit ako ng pimp. LOL. so nag punta ako sa isang site kung saan may pimp set na damit.. gusto ko sana mag order ng Pimp' pero mahal eh.. maganda at may discount. Pero konting araw nalang ang nalalabi.. anyways. I found some pimp quotes.. from cool pimps

"Carry a cane to keep 'em sane... cuz crazy-ass Ho's don't make no dough!"

"Pimp-in ain’t easy... so keep your Ho’s sleazy and you know they'll keep your fingers greasy."

"Slide in my ride and lets roll for the stroll."

"Room is the key when you hung to the knee."

"To Pimp a Ho, or not... That ain't the question. The question is: How many Hos to make a knot?"

"Keep those Hos nice... and they’ll keep you in ice."

"Can't be simp-in when you out street pimp-in!"

"Keep your pimp hand strong and your girls working long."

"Ain't no bidness like the Ho bidness!"

"Slap that Ho like a domino."

"I stack my loot from head to boot... and trick my Ho's from head to toe."

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have vowed to myself that I will not allow anyone to dampen my spirits and I will never be daunted by pessimism. If things do not go my way, then I will patiently wait for things to fall into place. I always believed that everything happens for a reason...that at the end of every dark tunnel there will be light...that every cloud has a silver lining. Lately, it seems that there is something (or someone) shrouding the silver lining of my cloud. I am hoping for my sun to finally rise and shine but my clouds still look gloomy...yet I am still unfazed. I know my time will come. My prayers will be heard and sooner than I expect it, my prayers will finally be answered. All I have to do is have faith in Him and communicate with Him as often as I can. I know He will never fail me. He always fulfills His promises especially to those who wait patiently and believe in Him. One thing I realized is that my spiritual relationship with Him became stronger and that's a silver lining to the dark cloud I have.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Sometimes, you love someone so much, you’re ready to give you’re all.

And you know in your heart you are giving you’re all, giving your best.

Sometimes, when you thought it’s over, fate plays with you and give you another chance.
And another.

And then you give your all, you’re best.

Or so you thought.

Sometimes, you say things that break the heart. Do things that rip the soul. And you can never take it back.

You can never take it back.

Most of the time, you just have to listen to your heart. Listen to your heart. Feel the love, and the pain that comes after the love.

And you’ll know what to do.

Sometimes, the chance that you have… is your last chance.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

High School Life Chapter II: Second Year [Part 1]

High school life, on my high school life
Ev'ry memory, kay ganda
High school days, oh my high school days
Are exciting, kay saya

There are times, may problema ka
Kung ang homework, left undone
Pray ka lang, 'wag tawagin ka
Upang di pagtawanan

High school love my one high school love
Not infatuation or crush
Tunay 'to s'ya ang buhay ko
Di n'yo lang alam ako'y nagba-blush

Bakit nga ba ang first love ko
Ay di serious, so it seems
Kung alam lang ng first love ko
He is always in my dreams

Ang saya ng high school
Same in yours and my school
Di na mapapantayan
T'yak ganyan ang buhay na sadyang makulay
Alaala kaylan man

High school life, on my high school life
Ev'ry memory, kay ganda
High school days, oh my high school days
Are exciting, kay saya

High school life, ba't ang high school life
Ay walang kasing saya?
Bakit kung Graduation na'y
Luluha kang talaga?

High school life, ba't ang high school life
Ay walang kasing saya?
Bakit kung Graduation na'y
Luluha kang talaga?

Ang saya ng high school
Same in yours and my school
Di na mapapantayan
T'yak ganyan ang buhay na sadyang makulay
Alaala kaylan man

Yan na po ang Correct song by Sharon Cuneta.


So, balik na tayo sa story ko...Vacation is over.. and im now Second Year Highschool. This is my best high school experience. Compared sa 1st, 3rd and 4th.
Why the best? i found 2 more characters to join my party of 4 (the usual RPG line up) , nah actually mga best friends. hahah. so lets start...
First day, adviser namin si Ms. Pascual, 22 years old, petite, single, short curly hair and friggin big tits. Prof namin sha sa Religion. (naiimagine ko tuloy ang.. "oh god, oh god, jeeeeeeeesus" moans ) anyways, wala yon hahahaa. Masaya naman ang class namin, although may mga nadagdag na bago. Meron nakaagaw attention sa akin na isang kamag-aral sa loob ng aming silid-aralan... yon ay si Pom! or Paul Oliver Marquez kung tawagin. Bibo to! hindi man sha magaling sa acedemics, sobrang kulit at ingay nito. Nainis ako dito sa kups na to, as in parang Toy Soldier na pinihit ng 1000 beses. One time nagkaroon ng Seating Arrangement (yeah~ Remember that?! namimiss mo to noh? lalo na kapag natsambahan mong katabi ang crush mo) pero sa amin hinde! dahil nung 1st year, 1 lang ang gay classmate namin na si Samala. Ngayong, 2nd year... pota.. ilan ba? Barja, Corcino, Revillo, Getubig... APAT! APAT NA GEISHA ! So anyways, naging katabi ko si Justin Paul Valdez, isang maliit na studyante tahimik at mukang chinese wushu artist, Sa harap ko ay si Jethro Campo na maputi at malusog na bata at katabi nya... guess who!? ITS POM ! LANGYA~ bat pa naging malapit ang hayuf na to... Nung una ay mahilig ako mag share ng mga candies at baon ko sa people around me. hanggang sa humingi sa akin si Pom. "hey jason, pahingi naman ng candy."
nagdalawang isip ako nun.. langya..bat ko naman bibigyan tong ungas na to, pero syempre friendly naman ako kaya binigyan ko. Nakita ko sa Notebuk nya ang mga papel na pawang paper money at may mga Mojacko na nakadrawing dun. sabi ko sa isip ko.. "whoa, he's good" natawa ako sa mga paper money na gawa nya. 50 Boru, 100 Boru, 500 Boru. POTA! hahaha. Cool din pala ang tao na to at pinakita nya sa akin ang mga comics na gawa nya. Waw! pareho kami mahilig sa mga anime at gundam. Nagdadala rin sha ng mga Gundam Model nun.. Simula nun naging bestfriends kami kasama si Mr. Valdez (friend) na magaling din mag drawing. Parang nabuo ang powerhouse Manga Artist ng Class namin hanggang sa we geared to the higher level by drawing hentai and porn and drawing genitals at the back of our gay classmate's polo. HAHAHAHAH.

Okay! so, 2 na Bestbuddy ko nung 2nd year si Miguel at Pom. A giant and a clown.. and a jackass (me). Nagkaroon kami ulit ng Seat Arrangement (weeeee. *tambling*) sino na naman kaya ang katabi ko??!?! WAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ si Barja !!!!!! Scroll mo tol, dba andun si Barja sa Geisha, Queer Four list? So anyways, tahimik lang ako nun.. dahil nasa malayo si Miguel at Pom. huhu wala ako kakulitan. Sa likuran ko naman ay mga matatankad na classmates, si Maglanque na deformed ang face nya. Yeah, look alike sha ni Quasimodo. Promise! And Byron Salgado, tall and thin guy na parang Trunks of Dragonball ang hair style. Si Byron ang idol ko nun sa math. Hindi man sha ang Top 1 sa math pero madali ang istilo nya sa pagsosolve ng mathematical equations. Sha ang nagturo sa akin ng mga malulufet na teknik at lagi ko kinokopyahan. and yep, isa sha sa mga Bestbuddies ko nung highschool. So, 4 na kami, Jason, Miguel, Pom and Byron. parang Ghostfighter diba? LOL. Lahat kami ay may pare-pareho na hilig. Girls, Anime and Video Games! Lagi kami magkakasama gumala nun sa City Mall. OH YEAH! REMEMBER CITY MALL!? walang pang Mall of Asia or SM Sucat nun, kaya City Mall ang tambayan namin! Pero ano na nangyari sa City Mall ngayon... AIRFORCE ONE na. Ito'y kilalang lugar ng mga may STD na Putachinang Pokpok at Bugaw pero mga batang bata pa daw ang mga babae dito.
(Wish ko nga, mag-reunion kami ulit sa City Mall... pero Airforce One na eh. well, ok lang. hahah mga professional na kami ngayon. (Evil Grin))
Anyways back sa story, HEY ! Focus pare/mare! Favorite Arcade Game namin? King of Fighters 96, 97, 98, Marvel vs. Street Fighter. Asteg diba? 5 Pesos pa lang ang token nun! Yun ang bagong libangan namin, Arcade... and stealing..


Oo ! steaaaaling. Remember a 24/7 shop na naBankrupt sa Paranaque? not 7-11, not Ministop... YEAH! Super 24 ang name nun ! apat na class section sa amin ang todo kupit sa shop nun. 40% ng Class namin at 60% sa ibang section. Meron kaseng samahan ang mga lower section sa amin. Explain ko muna ha.. nahahati sa dalawa ang sections eh.. Lower at Higher. Section A at B ang mga Chosen Ones mga matatalino at more gays! While... C, D, E, F yung mga tamang dunong lang. So parang may brotherhood ang Lower Section. Balik tayo sa Super 24 Saga, Every morning or lunch.. pumupunta kami dun para tumambay sa Airconditioned Atmosphere... Sa sobrang daming Andreans ang nagpupunta dun, talagang halos mala~Woodstock sa dami ng tao dun. Siksikan talaga at kung ikaw ang security guard ay wala ka talagang makikita na magnanakaw sa sobrang daming tao, Plus, naobserbahan ko na wala pang Surveillance Camera. Sino sino naman ang kumukupit at ano ang kinukuha namin?

Ang mga kumukupit ay syempre, kami! si Byron the Sniper boy, Jason the lookout, Pom distraction guy, Miguel tamang kupit din, Maglangque kupit master at ang Grand Master Lupin .. si Dinoy, oo si Bernardo Dinoy. Malufet to... Kapag kumuha to ay para siyang nag grocery.
By the ways guys, eto ang kinukuha namin..

Cadbury Chocolate = Madaling isilid sa bag, paborito ng mga bata pagkatapos kumain. Magandang panregalo sa girlfriend
Eskinol For Men at Facial Wash = Syempre, nagkaka~pimples kami at bawal sa mga gwapo yon! Easy pickings sa mga noob pa sa Art of Thievery dahil sa liit ng pack or bottle nito.
Pringles = Foodtrip ng buong klase kapag boring ang titser. mahirap itago.. pero kasya sa pantalon.
Siomai = Favorite din namin to ! Bibili kami ng 1 serving ng Siomai.. at dadalin namin to sa Siomai storage para kumuha ng 4 Pcs. (4 pcs is 20 pesos) Pero wag ka ! Buong tropa namin may hawak na silang mga toothpick at parang mga hungry tribesmen.. So pagkadating ng isa dun... lahat sila tutusok na sa Fridge,Tusok, Subo, Tusok, Lagay sa Foil, Tusok, Subo.. 1..2..4.. 6... 8 ..16 hanggang sa lahat kami makakain ng Siomai ! Oh diba ? Busog lahat!
Chips Ahoy = Mahirap kunin, pero madaling bitbitin, basta chikahin lang si manong guard.
Softdrinks = Uhaw ka bords? Itago mo lang ang pinaglumaan mong resibo .. at pakita sa guard na bumili ka... Solb na ! Kuha ka ng baso.. yung LARGE, tapos viola ! Instant Power Drink! Kahit paulit ulit mong gamitin ang resibo... Valid pa rin ito sa mata ng Guard. (stupid.. ahahahha)
Vogue and other Fashion Magazine = Gorgeous women.. Hot models.. Pilasin mo lang ang favorite page mo.. at dikit mo sa school book cover mo para design. Ayus dba? Basta ang books ko, puro Sandra Bullock at Cindy Crawford. They're so hot! Kung pwede lang sana magpaampon ako sa kanila.
Anyways, yan ang mga Daily needs namin.. Bigtime crime namin to pati sa Field Trip namin!o ako nun ha! past is past. Hoy! wag nyo isipin na masamang taynaku! 3 Packs of Oreos and Chip Ahoy ! Saan ka pa.. hanggang sa super bankrupt na yung super 24.. at nagsara ito... So Long Super 24.... We lab yu!


Sino nga ba si Berto ? Sino si Ka-Saleng ?


Ano ang Blast Byte?


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem : Lacrimosa

Tears fall from the sky when this music is played in its true form...

Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus.
Huic ergo parce, Deus:
Pie Jesu Domine,
Dona eis requiem. Amen.

Tearful that day,
on which will rise from ashes
guilty man for judgment.
So have mercy, O God, on this person.
Compassionate Lord Jesus,
grant them rest. Amen.

One of my favorite masterpiece from Joseph Haydn:

The middle part of Haydn's Piano sonata no. 49 in E flat major, Hob. XVI:49 (1789-90) Adagio e Cantabile

Next is..
Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ill make homemade vids. of me playing those musical scores. Wait nyo lang!

Proud to be online game hacker !

Once you get addicted to an online game, sometimes you get frustrated when you don't reach a certain level or obtain your most desired in-game item. But then, there's a term called Hacking/Cheating. Where you can edit most of the game (level, requirements, terrain, actions) or produce any kinds of item in the game by using TPP (third party program).

Hacking/cheating is for people who actually care about the real world. Only pathetic people stay loyal and call themselves "TRUE GAMERS" when they spend 129,128,318 days/months/years just to reach the max level while a hacker can accomplish a tantamount number of accomplishments in a matter of hours or days. Noobs, face it, the truth hurts! PROUD 2 BE HACKER~!


Nitong umaga lang, sumakay ako ng jeep. Sa aking paglalakbay pauwi sa bahay ay pumara ang jeep. I was expecting a cute girl or hot momma na sumakay because nasa isip ko pa rin ang song na Mis U by Grin Department. Remember that song? "miss miss sa loob ng jeepney! ". Pero ang sumakay ay dalawang lalake, isang naka pamporma na mukang sasabak sa rave party. Siya at naka black na long sleeves, may hikaw, naka shades at brush up w/ wax ang buhok habang ang kasama nya naman ay mukang gangsters na may hikaw sa kilay, kalbo, at naka jersey. Sumiksik ang mga taong nasa harap ko upang mag bigay space sa dalawang pasahero. Sakto, umupo ang dalawa sa harapan ko. Nung una ay tinalasan ko ang aking titig na parang nagaangas. Pero nagulat ako nung nagtitinginan sila.. na pawang ROSE at JACK sa Titanic. Nakarinig ako ng mga murmurs sa kanila at kumuha si Gangsta boy ng plastic na may mga empanada. Kumuha siya ng isang piraso at laking gulat ko na sinubuan nya si Party Boy ! Pansin ko na close na close ang dalawa at magkaholding hands pala.. hanggang sa kumuha din si Party Boy ng Empanada at sinubuan si gangster boy! napa... "Holy Faggot! " ako sa isipan ko. Mga Bakla pala ang mga gaga !

Dallas says.. "It's about Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." Dal 7:13-14

YEAH! its my own bible baby! Dal = Book of Dallas

Naalala ko bigla yung nabasa kong mga artikulo sa mga binisita kong websites at mga Biblical Verses.. like

Leviticus 18:6 reads: "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female. It is an abomination." A similar verse occurs two chapters later, in Leviticus 20:13: "A man who sleeps with another man is an abomination and should be executed."

and now, ginagawa na nilang legal ang Same Sex Marriage?! HAHAHAH What a day! anyways...
need to work muna mga peeps..

Just Remember...
"God hates gays and faggots. Faggots are abominable in God's eyes." - Dal 6:17

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Serenade

Magandang Umaga! mga mambabasa,

Sa una, ay hindi ako naniniwala sa mga Love of First Sight or Ideal Girlfriend. LAFS ?
infatuation lang yan.. or puppy love.. or baka naseseksihan lang sa isang girl.
Kanya kanya naman kase ng perspective kung sasabihin mong ideal girlfriend diba?
isa akong boy-next-door, meaning, Your Average Guy.. tama lang. In my past relationships,
proven na.. "Kung ano ang gusto mo, yun ang mahirap kunin " at "kung ano ang hindi mo gusto, yun ang sobrang dali" for Example, if i don't like this kind of girl pero may connection kami at
nagkagustuhan, ang daling kunin.. its like.. ang pangliligaw sa kanya is a breeze ! Unlike kapag meron girl na gustong gusto mo talaga in terms of physique, attitude, as in.. lahat talaga! (now i believe in ideal girlfriend) ang hirap ligawan sobra.. its not like any other. But dude, she's the type of girl na seseryosohin mo talaga. BELIV ME BAKLA! hahaha. i mean, sa akin ha, parang nahihiya ka approach. Anyways, iba't iba naman tayo ng perspective dba? iba iba ng gusto.. wala lang.. antok lang ako galing sa work. hahaha. High School Life Kabanata 2nd. Itutuloy.. tonight!

Wala si DJ marvin para intro ang song na to, i dedicate this song to her.. so ill try it

Beautiful girl, where~ever you are

I knew when I saw you, you had opened the door
I knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again

you said 'hello' and I turned to go
but something in your eyes left my heart beating so
I just knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again

It was destiny's game, when love finally came on
I rushed in line only to find that you were gone

wherever you are, i fear that i might
have lost you forever, like a song in the night
now that I've loved again, after a long, long while
I've loved again

It was destiny's game, when love finally came on
I rushed in line only to find that you were gone

beautiful girl, I'll search on for you
till all of your loveliness in my arms come true
you've made me in love again, after a long, long while
in love again
and I'm glad that is you...
hmmmmm... beautiful girl..

- END -

House of Mars

Why do we end up getting hurt by the people we love? Why do we have to get hurt in the first place if we (us and the person we choose to love), really love each other? Why do we have to loose that love?

It hurts so much when you feel suddenly alone, when in fact you should not be because you know there is somebody special with you. And no matter how you wait, you still end up going through that journey alone. Masakit kung sa masakit, pero anong gagawin mo?

I will not answer the questions I've said above. I'll share with you may realizations instead.

That its not you, its him/her. For somebody who knows how to love, you're always careful not to hurt the person you love. Its like loving somebody the way you would love yourself. You're always careful on the things you do and you say so as not to cause the one you love hurt.

You are capable of loving. When relationship fails its nothing but normal to feel pain which no pain-killer can remedy. Each of us has our own way of recuperating. For some it takes weeks and months of wallowing to that sadness. But to a certain point you need to pick up your shattered pieces and start a new. Here i learned that there's nothing wrong with me. I know how to love. Yes i got hurt in the end but at least i know how to love. Some people do have relationships but actually not relating. (tama ba grammar?) Its ok wallow and be sad but when you've decided to pick up yourself, remember that you should be proud because you showed them that you know how to love, and that you are capable of loving and knowing its true meaning.

So this is say to you reading and to myself as well: Don't be afraid to love again. Yes you got hurt but that's just the now, remember that there is tomorrow. Somebody is there making its way to your life so you have to prepare. Remember the lessons you've learned and use these lessons to your advantage but always allow yourself to commit mistakes for in those mistakes are new lessons to be learned. Never harbor ill feelings to those people who have caused you pain, they just don't know how it is to love. Be brave, the sun raises tomorrow.

-house of mars

High School Life Chapter I: First Year

"high school life o' my hayskul layf i remember it kay ganda.. bakit kung graduation day ay luluha ka talaga...."

Not the exact lyrics ng song. pero yan ang dati ko napapakinggan. Nyahahaha
Talagang nakakamiss ang pagiging high school. Aral, Laro, Exam, Aral.
Nag High School ako sa Saint Andrew's School, ito ay private school na exclusive sa
mga lalake. katapat ng paaralan namin ay Saint Paul College woooooooooot!

Nung ako ay naging First Year Highschool, medyo nagkaka-ilangan pa dahil wala pa ako kilala.
Naging seatmate ko nung si Carlo at dun ako na impluwensya mundo ng Rock ! Dati pa ay mahilig na ako dun, sabihin na nating mas naging malawak ang alam ko sa Rock n' Roll. Simula nun ay nahiligan ko na mag collect ng Nirvana items. Naalala ko pa si Mr.Labaguis, ang aming guro na panot at mukang makata. Teacher ko sha sa Drafting, at mabangis to ! One time, naglalaro lang kami ng lapis at sobrang ingay pa ng class namin. Biglang naghimutok si sir at tinaob ang teacher's table! gulat kami ! TUMAHIMIK talaga lahat ! haahah. First year High School din ako sumuntok ng classmate para sa walang kwentang bagay. Oo, palaaway ako, pero hindi ako ang bully type na person. More of... Boy-Next-Door. Average guys lang talaga. Eh kase ba naman.. ganito ang nangyari. Nag mini-quiz kami sa Science, kapag pinasa mo yon, meron kang +10 sa Long Exam. Syempre ako naman, todo kopya. pati yung iba, KAPIT SA MATATAG. 5 Tao lang ang pipiliin nun.. ehh Last Person nlgn ang need ni Mam. Unfortunately, hindi ako nakapagpasa.. ang last person ay si Gascon. oo ! Tangina! inggit ako ! tumayo ako.

Me: sus, kopya mo lang yan eh !
Gascon: tangina mo hindi naman eh!
Jason: hahah. kinopyahan mo yung class president natin eh!
Me: tangna mo, suntukan nalang oh.

Well, ayun.. nagpantig talaga ang tenga ko, at sinapak ko siya sa kaliwang mata. May maliit na black eye sha, pero konti lang. Hihihihih~after nun, niyaya nya ako mag suntukan sa Lunch time. Syempre, ayoko mabawian ako.. kaya sa loob nalang ako ng campus nag lunch at maglaro ng....... MAGIC : THE GATHERING.
OO! yun ang usong uso sa School nun! as in, sobrang adik ako. Ito ay laro ng pandalawahang tao, Dapat may Deck of Cards kayong dalawa. Maglalaban kayo na parang Wizards daw kuno, by using Spell Cards and Summon Cards. You start with 20 life points and once it drops sa ZERO or Negative. TALO KA ! Syempre, maganda laruin to dahil napapaisip ka. Mas maraming cards, mas maganda. Mas Rare, mas maganda~! Mahal nga lang ang hobby na to dahil naalala ko 70 Pesos ang isang Pack na yon. Naalala ko pa yung Deck ko nun, sobrang crap.. pero nag evolve to sa kakakupit ng cards. HAHAAH Bad talaga ako ampff.. nabuo to ang deck ko sa Sliver Deck kahit masakit sa bulsa dahil sa allowance ko ako kumukuha ng pambili nun.
Ay naalala ko..natatawa ako nun yung isa kong classmate na si Leo nawawala yung Collection nya na Michael Jordan cards. HAHAHAH. Pero ang totoo, magnanakaw sha ng Sapatos. Karma lang yan bro, Dont care pare, Magickero kami!
Isa pang naging uso nun sa amin ay ang mga Gagamba. OO ! gagamba, or ang sinasabi nilang... "GAGAMBANG PANGLABAN" yup yup ! Spider Derby para sa mga konyo na mga klasmeyts ko. Sa likod ng paaralan namin ay merong dalawang manong na nagtitinda ng mga Gagambang nakakarton. meron
5 Piso (weak na spiders, feeders lang. Affordable and usually pang katuwaan lang)
10 Piso (tama lang.. pwede na, lumalaban pero fragile and slow. Lucky spiders din dahil minsan nakakatsamba to makapatay ng 20 at 50 peso spiders. LOL)
20 Piso (Elite, Mabingis at mabalasik; mabibilis gumalaw to; kadalasan color Red at White; they're kept inside a rectangular box with small cubic partitions.)
50 Piso (Champion Breed! eto ang malulufet. King of Kings! Isang kagat = Ngisay na gagamba mo. These bastards are pampered, naka separate ang box nila, tapos may Cotton pa ha! aba sosy na gagamba! and laging may sacrifice na 5 Piso na spider inside. )

Okay, so malakas nga ang 50 peso spider, one day nachallenge ko ang classmate ko na si Johan, Johan was a champion sa spidey battles namin w/ his mighty Red Spotted Spider. Sabi nya mismatch lahat ng gagamba namin! as in lahat ! so, nilaban ko yung dinala kong Mantis na kakahuli ko lang galing sa garden namin. yep! MANTIS. So pumayag sha! Ano nangyari ?
ayun! Two green sickles grabbed the spider in split seconds and viola! FIESTA si mantis. Hhaha umiyak si Johan. CHAMPION PALA AH!

Since Catholic School kami, nakaugalian na naming tumambay sa Saint Andrew's Church after lunch, naging strong kami as in buong class namin dun ang tambay. Ultimate Bonding! Batuhan ng mga Water Balloons at dun din kami nakakita ng mga 3rd Year guy na nakikipaglaplapan sa 3rd Year Biyatch ng St. Paul sa loob ng School Bus.
Sarap ng buhay highschool ko nung First year. Syempre pag uwian na, nagpapa cute kami sa mga chicks. (I know its now appropriate na sabihan ng Chicks ang mga pretty ladies, and they hate it when guys refer them as bebe chickens. LOL). Kasabay ko pauwi lagi ang naging best friend ko at kapitbahay na si Miguel at tropa namin din nun ang mataba namin friend na si J.P.

Ang mga Awards na natanggap ko nun sa 1st Year Highschool ay 2nd place sa Art Contest Single Entry, Noisy, Standing, Playing at Signed Paper na nagsasabi na pasado ako sa First year Highschool. YEAH !

- END -


Hi Readers,

I decided na baguhin na ang tema ng aking Blog.

Goodnews for girls and conz. HINDI NA PORN BLOG TO !

Badnews sa boys and menyek. HINDI NA PORN BLOG TO !

Yun lang !

Just wait for the updates nalang. CIAO!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dallas Original Stories #2 (ATE)

Kabanata II

Sabado na naman pero may klase pa rin. Hindi ko pa rin malimutan ang nangyari sa amin ni Nina sa CR. Matapos ko siya iwanan sa shop ay bakas parin sa kanyang mukha ang pagiging masiyahin. Parang bang anghel na binasbasan ng diyos.

Nasa silid aralan ako ngayon at katabi ang aking malokong tropa na si Warren. Isa to sa mga tirador ng mga kolehiyala at kilalang koreograper ng "dance group" sa aming paaralan. Naghihintay kami sa amin guro para sa isang pagsusulit. Medyo madali lang ito sapagkat panis lang sa amin ang eksam tungkol sa Computer Architecture. Computer Engineer nga pala ako at medyo hindi biro ang kursong ito. Pagkatapos ng exam ay agad kami lumabas ng paaralan para mag yosi sa Intramuros.

Umaakyat kami lagi doon sa taas ng "Wall" ng intramuros, maganda ang tanawin dito dahil maraming dumadaan na mga dilag sa iba't ibang paaralan gaya ng Lyceum, PLM at Letran. Nakakaagaw pansin talaga sa akin ang uniporme ng mga taga letran, mangyari ito'y may marikit na kulay at maiiksi pa mga palda nito. Matapos mabusog ng aming mga mata sa itaas ng Intramuros, ay kapwa na kami nagpaalam sa isa't isa.

Gayon... Nagisip pa ako kung saan ako tutungo. Ayaw ko pa umuwi marahil tadtad pa ang utak ko ng nakakalokong exam, kaya naisipan ko bumalik sa shop nila Nina. Medyo hindi maganda ang ginawa ko sapagkat parang ko lang siya binichslap sa banyo sabay layas sa shop.

Pagbukas ko ay bilang bumulaga sa akin si Isabel na parang may itatapon na kahon ng papel sa labas. Medyo masikip ang pinto dahil ito ay sliding door. Tumagilig ako papasok para makalabas si Isabel, ngunit tumagilid din siya paharap sa akin habang hinahatak niya ang sliding door. Damang dama ko ang paglapat ng kanyang mga malulusog na suso sa aking dibdib. Gumuhit ang init ng kanyang katawan sa akin. Pakiramdam ko ang aking bloodstream ay paakyat sa aking utak sabay relay sa aking nerves pababa sa aking etits. Langya! Ke aga-aga pa.. biglang pumitik ang burat ko!

Ako: Sorry.. Excuse me..

Niluwagan ko agad ang pinto upang ipakita ang aking pagkamaginoo. Tuloy tuloy lang si Isabel palabas at hindi pinansin ang pagpapaumanhin ko. Nakangiti pa siya habang nakatingin sa akin.

Pagpasok ko sa loob ay agad kong hinanap si Nina. Tumingin ako sa counter, sa terminal at umakyat pa ako sa pangalawang palapag upang hanapin siya. Wala... wala na yata si Nina, hindi kaya nagalit siya sa ginawa kong pag iwan ko sa kanya sa CR pagkatapos kangkangin ?

Makaraan ng ilang minuto, bumalik na si Isabel sa counter at agad ako tinanong..

Isabel: Hey! Maglalaro ka ba pogi?
Ako: ay oo ! Saan ba pwede umupo ?

Habang kinakausap ko si Isabel ay napansin ko sa kanyang itim na t-shirt na Nirvana ng bakat niyang utong. Tayong-tayo ito at tama lang ang proporsyon sa kanyang bamper. Para akong nahihipnotays sa kanyang mala holen na....

Isabel: Hey! *pumitik ang kanyang daliri*
Ako: ay ! Sorry. Saan nga ako uupo ?
Isabel: Kung saan saan ka tumitingin !
Ako: Asteg ng

-Itutuloy- Work Mode ulit

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dallas Original Sex Stories #1 (ATE)

Sa kasalukuyan ay nageenjoy ako sa pagiging buhay kolehiyo. Marami din akong naging kaibigan at mga kaaway. Masaya rin ang atmospir sa aming klasrum. Doon ay makakakita ka ng magsyota na kung may hawakan ng kamay ay parang magtatalik na, may mga hot girls din na kung manamit ay halos bakat na ang utong sa sobrang nipis ng kanilang tank tops.
Mahilig din ako maglaro ng mga kompyuter games. Lalo na yung mga online. Mas gugustuhin ko pa magbayad ng panlaro kaysa gastusin ang pera ko sa magiging gf na ibbreak mo rin kapag sawa ka na. Sabihin na nating, mabilis talaga ako magsawa sa isang bagay.

Araw araw ako pumupunta dun sa kompyuter shop na nilalaruan namin malapit sa Intramuros. Malinis ito at dinadayo ng maraming studyante para maglaro ng DOTA at mga Online Games. Kadalasan ay makakakita ka ng mga nakakalibog na babae nawalang ginawa kundi mag friendster sa buong 3 oras. Naiisip ko minsan na sibakin ang mga to sa kanilang upuan
parang nagfefriendster. Pero ang nakakaagaw pansin dun sa nasabing shop ay ang bantay o ang kadalasan sinasabi nating "ATE".
Mapapansin mo sa kada shop ay babae ang taga bantay, kahera or taga singil ng bayad ng mga manlalaro. Marami na akong dinayo na
ganitong establisyimyento at halos karamihan ay mga babae ang empleyado nila. Ngunit dito sa Intramuros, kakaiba ang
alindog ang kahera at taga bantay dito. Para bang Misa Campo at Leah Dizon ang karikitan nila at ang boobs. PARE!
Tamang tama lang at bilog na bilog na parang Suha galing sa Davao. Hindi ka na rin magtataka kung bakit lagi ito dina-
dayo ng maraming lalake at mga mukang drayber na manong.

Namber 1 sa akin yung kahera, Isabel ang pangalan nya, ngunit kadalasan ay tinatawag siyang "Belle". Asteg dba? Parang
sa Beauty and the Beast. Sana ako nalang yung Beast at bibirahin ko na parang hayop to. Sunod naman si Nina, ang matangkad na taga bantay dito sa shop, hita pa lang ay mabubusog ka na sa sarap, parang kamagong ang kinis nito.

Minsan ay pumunta ako magisa sa shop na yon. Hapon na yon at kainitan pa ng panapon, Marami din nagsisiksikan na estudyante
upang pumila sa mga libre PC. Nais ko sana maglaro upang mapawi naman ang stress ko sa haba ng exam na binigay ng prof namin.
Habang naghihitay ako sa pila at busog na busog ang mata ko sa pagtingin sa dibdig ni Isabel. Habang nagaabot ng Time Card ay kitangkita ng mala demonyong mata ko ang cleavage ng walang kamalay-malay na kahera. Parang pwet ng bata ang biyak na nagagawa
ng dalawang malulusog na suso nito. Medyo mahalay din manamit tong si Isabel, siguro upang maging atraksyon din ng shop at dumami
mga manlalaro dito.

Tuwangtuwa na ako nung tawagin ako ni Isabel at sabi

Isabel: Sir, eto na po ang number nyo. Nina! Pakisamahan naman si sir dun sa numerong ito.

Sabay abot sa akin ang Time Card na may numerong 69. yakpot! pagkaabot sa akin ni Isabel ay nagmamadaling lumapit sa akin si Nina upang ihatid ako sa PC na lalaruan ko. Mapapansin mo sa mukha ni Nina na pagod na pagod ito at pawang sinibak ng sampung berdugo. Bago ako sumunod kay Nina ay tinitigan ko ang mukha nito. Ang puti at ang kinis pa, parang anghel kung tititigan mo ng matagal. Malumanay pa ito magsalita at malambing sa mga kostumers. Bukod pa sa ganda ng kanyang mukha ay tinernuhan pa ito ng sobrang ganda ng katawan. Tinatantya na 5'7 ang tangkad ni Nina, balingkinitan at mala bote ng Coca-Cola ang kanyang katawan. Medyo mahalay din ito manamit sapagkat ang suot nya at maikling shorts na maong at jersey
na numerong 23 ni Michael Jordan.

Nina: dito tayo, kuya. (Matamis na ngiti habang hinahatid ako sa aking upuan)

Agadagaran akong umupo upang masulyapan ang suso nito habang nakatuwad at inaayos ang mga nakapulupot na kable ng PC.

Nina: Pasensya na po at medyo madumi dito, marami kaseng bata naglaro ngayon.

Ako: Ay, wala yon. Ok lang ako dito. Open Time ate ha! (Sabay sulyap sa dibdib ng walang kamalay malay na tagabantay)

Bingo! At may nunal pa ang kanyang dibdib, naka red na bra at malulusog na suso katulad ng kay Isabel. Kumpleto na naman ang araw ko at nakakita ng kamangha-manghang likha ng diyos. Sa totoo lang malinis naman ang paligid sa aking terminal.
Nagsimula na ako maglaro ng aking paboritong laro, ang Cabal Online. Itinayp ko ang aking pangunang yuserneym at pasword at ang pangalawa. Oo! Botter ako kaya dalawa ang itinayp ko.

"haha botter!", Isang tinig ang narinig ko sa bandang likuran. Syempre, tinamaan ako. Bato bato sa langit, Ako ay Sapul!
Nanilim ang aking paningin sabay lingon sa likod.. Si Nina pala !! Agad ako napa Alt-Tab upang takpan ang Cabal Rider Bot na ginagamit ko sa aking pakikipagsapalaran sa mundo ng Nevareth.

Ako: Hahaha, nakakatamad magpilot eh, kaya magbot nalang ako.
Nina: Ganun. (sabay dila sa akin na parang nanggungutya)
Nina: Eh kung sabayan kita maglaro magbobot ka pa kaya ?
Ako: Cge lang! Venus Serber. Tsanel 8

Tumabi si Nina at umupo sa Terminal 70. Ang pwesto namin ay sa bandang likuran kung saan kami ay natatakpan ng mga karatig na compyuter at malapad na dingding. Sa gilid naman ay CR na para sa mga customers. Nakipagchat ako agad sa mga kaibigan sa laro sabay
kwento sa kasalukuyang nangyayari sa akin ngayon.

[Ako: XXXX, mga tol ang tindi ng katabi ko ngayon tinitigasan ako
[Todesmarsche: ahahah LOL
[Plebe07092: ijakol mo nalang yan jason
[CHRONYCLES: hoy, bad yan! akin ka lang!

"Hahahahahaha", Malakas na tawa mula sa gilid ko. Tangina! Si Nina pala! Binabasa ang tinatayp ko! "tingin nga... "

Ako: aw, sorry, biro lang yon! hehehe. (Paliwanag ko sa kanya)

Bilang kumabog ang dibdib ko at kabangkaba. Hindi ata maganda ang nangyayari.. Nahihiya at nanliliit.. ngunit sa kabila ng nangyari, pansin ko ang matamis na ngiti ni Nina habang humahagikgik sa tuwa na pawang nagpapahiwatig ng "rawr!". Oo! Hindi ko na nga pinansin ang sinabi niyang "tingin nga.." pero nung narinig ko yon, parang nag "Level up!" sa tuwa ang burat ko.

Ako: Teka, CR lang. (Naiihi na talaga ako, sabay iwan sa aking terminal at dali dali akong lumakad patungo sa CR)

Pagpasok ko sa CR nakita ko agad ang dalawang Cubicle at isang Urinating Bowl. Mabango ang CR ng shop na to, kaya karamihan dito ay pumapasok lang para makiihi at upang masinagan ang alindog ng dalawang anghel na taga-bantay. Binuksan ko ang zipper ko at umihi habang nakatingala sa dingding. Sa utak ko ay.. "Shit shit shit shit ano gagawin ko!?". Maya maya lang ay bigla ko narinig na kumalabog ang pinto at *CLICK*. Napalingon ako sabay tingin sa pinto. Si Nina !!?!? "Sabing Patingin !!!", seryosong ang kanyang mukha nung sinabi niya na parang Jun Ji-hyun habang pinapagalitan si Gyeon-Woo sa My Sassy Girl. Napansin kong nilock niya ang

pinto at galit ang titig sa akin.

Ako: HA? ng Ano ???

Dahan dahan lumapit sa akin si Nina at kinapa ang alaga ko. "Haha, matigas nga!", Nakakaloko na kantyaw ni Nina sa aking galit na alaga. Halos pinanggigilan ni Nina sa pagpisa ng aking burat. Bilang ganti, hinawakan ko ang mga makikinis na braso ni Nina at sinimulang laplapin ang matamis na labi ni Nina. Ramdam ko ang pagpasok ng dila niya sa akin bibig, sabay tulak ng dila ko sa papasok sa kanya. Nagsalpukan ang dila namin habang tinutulak ko siya sa pader. Tumigil ako at...

Nina: ARGH!
Ako: Gusto mo ba ako? Bakit ka ganyan?
Nina: curious lang kase ako..

Lalo nangbaga sa init ang burat ko pero pinigilan ko pa. Tinuloy ko ang paghalik sa magandang dilag at habang unti unti gumagapang ang mga kamay ko sa kanyang boobs. Ang isang kamay ko naman ay kumakalikot sa lock ng bra nya. *SNAP!* Tanggal na! Iba talaga kapag experto ka sa pagtanggal ng bra. Todo sa paghimas at pagpisa ng burat ko si Nina habang nilalaplap ko siya pababa.. at halik sa leeg. Itinaas niya ang kanyang jersey at ipinakita sa akin ang kanyang malalaking suso. Nakita ko na naman ang nunal niya malapit sa kanyang pinkish na utong at tigas na tigas.

Nina: Dilaan mo to.. please dahan dahan lang ha..

Agad kong sinupsop ang dalagang utong ni taga-bantay. Medyo hindi pa to matirik at pink na pink pa habang nilalamas ko ang malabot niyang dyoga. Hindi pa nakuntento, dinakma ko ang kanyang puday sa loob ng kanyang panty.

Nina: tama na.. sir please..

Hinde! Ayoko! Kapag sinimulan na, Dapat itong tapusin! Isa ito sa prinsipyo ko. Kaya Inalis ko ang kanyang panty at shorts habang siya naman ako sabik tanggalin ang aking sinturon at brip. Paghatak niya pababa ng aking brip, biglang sumulpot ang aking tigas na tigas na sandata. Nanlaki ang mata ni Nina.

Ako: Ayan, yan ba ang hinahanap mo? Isubo mo na!
Nina: Pero.. hindi pa ako marunong.
Ako: Sige.. ako muna tatrabaho..

Hindi ko muna gusto puwersahin si Nina, kaya dinakma ko nalang ang kanyang pagkababae sabay himas pataas hanggang sa kuntil. Hinimas himas ko ito ng matagal at habang nilalabas-masok ko ang kalahati ng aking daliri sa loob ng kanyang kweba ay dama ko na unti unti itonamamasa. Napuna ko na parang sarap na sarap siya sa aking ginagawa. Siya'y nakapikit...
Nasa dulo kami ng dingding habang nagroromansahan, dahan dahan ko inangat ang kanyang binti sabay hawak sa akin namamagang bayoneta. Ipinasok ko ang ulo ng aking burat. Biglang napamulat ang mata ni Nina at napakapit sa akin ng mahigpit.

Nina: aahhhhhhhh... wag muna.. wag muna.. hindi pa ako handa...

"Trust me.. ", Sabi ko sa naluluhang si Nina. Ibinaon ko ng buong buo ang aking tarugo sa kanyang puke habang kami ay nakatayo at magkadikit ang katawan. Masikip at mainit-init sa loob nito. Nung una ay dahan dahan ko nilalabas-pasok ang aking alaga, ngunit habang tumatagal ay pabilis ng pabilis ang aking pagbarurot sa kanyang puday.

Nina: Ahhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhh.... lalabasan na ako kuya.. ang sarap.. ahhhhhh
Ako: ang sarap mo rin nina....
Nina: medyo masakit.. dahan dahan lang... medyo kurbada ang iyong tite...

Paatras ang katawan ni Nina, kaya medyo binagalan ko ang aking pag arriba. Hinugot ko ang aking sandata sa kanyang basangbasa na pussy at dinala ko siya papasok sa isang cubicle sabay umupo ako sa saradong toilet bowl. Hiwakan ko ang kanyang mga kamay papalapit sa akin, pina-bukaka ko siya at ipinuwesto ang akin patayong burat sa taas ng kanyang namamasang puke.

Ako: Sige umupo ka at ikaw ang gumalaw..

Hinay hinay siyang bumaba paupo habang bumabaon siya pababa ang akin pagkalalake. O anong sarap ang akin nararamdaman nung umupo na siya

sa akin. Taas Baba Taas Baba... sarap na sarap ang magiliw na si Nina. Pabilis ito ng pabilis...

Nina: uwa~ ah ~ ah ~ ah~
Ako: SHIT ! FUCK!!!

Sumasabay na rin ako sa yugyog at tinuturok ko na rin pataas ang aking burat.. malapit na ako sa aking rurok sa ginagawang pagtaas baba pumping ni Nina. Bigla siyang napasigaw...

Nina: ayan naaaa.. ayan naaaaaa.. uhhnnggggggg....uhhnng ah ah ah...
Ako: eto na ako nina.. eto na.... ahhhhh

Umupo si Nina sa akin habang nakapasok pa rin ang aking ari sa kanya.. at sabay pa kami nilabasan.. Pagod na pagot, hinugot ko ang aking burat at pinatayo ko si Nina. Naglawa ang nectar ni Nina sa aking alaga na parang ayskrim na Sundae McDip. Tiningnan
ko naman ang kay Nina at tumutulo ang tamod ko palabas sa kanyang bulaklak. Tumayo ako at hinalikan ko siya sa labi... sabay kindat..

"Time na ata ako... Ulitin natin to Nina.. "


-By Dallas McKak