Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Hi readers.. matagal na ata ako hindi nag susulat ng blog.
So, what makes me busy these days ?

Eto, work.. im having problems what to wear on our christmas party. Its on december 20, 2008 and our theme is Music Video Awards. Uhmmm.. ano ba maganda suutin ? I'm planning to wear Pimp suits. YEAH ! Classy dba? I like how Katt Williams dresses as a pimp. He's a stand up comedian-actor and starred as a Pimp in the movie Norbit. Pero hindi naman yata maganda if im gonna wear those pimp set, right ? btw, it costs 10,000 pesos w/ bling blings and stuff. LOL. So nag shopping ako kanina and i bought 2 Levis 501 jeans yung new release nila and some neat polo shirts from human, giordano and bench. Simple stuff nalang susuutin ko. Next week i'm gonna buy a kewl jacket para sa get-up ko. XD

Last saturday i also went to SM and i bought a brand new Samsung Monitor 15" yeah! 15 inches lang dahil gusto ko yung maliit lang. yoko ng 20"+ masakit na sa mata eh. besides, may astigmatism ako. huhuh. I also bought a pack of Lucky Strike Cigarettes, my favorite, Cowboy ka ba? mag Lucky Strike ka and 6 pcs. of spark stones for my Zippo Lighter. So cool ka na nyan? LOL.



Heto! Masaya para rin mag Graveyard Shift. I guess mas productive ako kapag gabi. buwahahaa double meaning ba? LOL. I mean.. walang hassle sa byahe from Paranaque-Ortigas back and forth. Ano ba ang bago sa office... Oh! I miss our bossing, si Michelle. Pareho kami Mapuan and she's so nice and bubbly. Get well soon. XD Ano nga pala.. ano ba mga pet peeves ko dito sa office.. ahh si Smiley! yep, smiley ang tawag ko sa kanya kase ang Face pa lang. parang ayaw ngumiti.. he's looks like an asshole and walang manners. Nagpapalakasan pa sila mag "BURP" w/ his subordinates. Stupid! And also, some newly hired people here... yung nasa tapat ko, Kanta ng kanta and im fuckin' pissed. I mean, Charice Pempengco ka ba? So here i am, grabbin' my headset and now listening to Deicide. I'm having problems with my Microsoft Outlook as well, i cant send/receive emails good. Buti nalang nakausap ko si Precious and she fixed everything for me. (wooot~ nice name, cute kya sha?)


I'm a metalhead, although i dont dress like metalhead. I downloaded Bathory - Hammerheart album last thursday. What's Bathory?! It's a Blackmetal Band who play Viking Metal sub-genre of metal music. Okay, so hindi mo trip ang heavymetal.. but Viking metal talks about adventures, wars and norse stuff. LONG LIVE ODIN and THOR! MABUHAY ANG ASGARD ! hahaha. i love Norse mythology. oh! I've been listening to Aluto these past few weeks.. Ano sila eh.. Pair, its like MYMP. Yung guy on vocals-guitars and teh very uber cute lady on violin. the song? Michi~To You All :
here's the link : Aluto - Michi To You All
It's a nice song listen to it..


I'm interested sa book na nakita ko sa Fully Booked. It's a book of nude paintings. Walang malisya pero maganda ang book, iba't ibang painting style and almost lahat ng nasa painting ay women. Why women ? i dunno.. but in my opinion, men loves to draw a women's body because waaaaay~back zillion years ago, (Bible) eve is part of adam. So.. that means. kung galing sa lalake ang babae.. its just that men loves to paint a part of him.. his life .. part of his life. Another explanation ng naughty mind ko is.. sexy kase ang babae, i mean.. lahat ng model dun puro magaganda ang curves and breasts. You know, pagdating sa ganyan, i know what is "good" and what is not. So nag drawing din ako ng sa akin, kahit walang model, of course malufet imagination ko. Hahaha!


Batchoy ! Iloilo's Finest ! when i was a kid.. my dad/mom used to treat me in a batchoy house after having a *paiyakan* na haircut.. and DAMN ! Ang sarap ! the best ! Noodles + Chicken + Beef + Chicharon + yung sabaw na hindi ko alam kung ano yon.. hahaha. Kaya ko siguro favorite to dahil Iloilo ang Birthplace ko !



stuck in this solitary life.. im a lone wolf..
i only howl because you're so far away....
my homeland is gone.. you are my home..
you are my love.. you are my prey..
under the golden sun i race with my brothers ..
under the silver moon i cry with my sisters...
so far away.. i can't reach for you.. be near me..
only darkness envelops my heart..
envy is crawling under my skin..
blood rushes through my veins..
my hunger for you is growing strong...
i love your smile.. i love your hair..
i love your scent... my prey.. my desire..

- Dallas


Closing song..

Michi~ To You All

English Translation

Just like always
As I turn that corner
I am lost in the waves of people
Melting, disappearing

I lose my way
I even completely lose my words

But just one thing
Remains, remains
Your voice

Your smiling faces, your angry faces, everything
Keeps me walking on
The point where the clouds break
I'm sure you can see it

You know what I mean? (You know what I mean?)

Even though I live ambiguously
My heart is immature, but
Because of it, look, over there is
The person important to me

If you get lost
I will be your guide
If you believe in me

I'm positive I know the way
So don't be afraid

The light collects and shoots across the sky
Like it understands you

And then, the road you walk
Shines even more

Forever... (Forever...)

Going from your hair to your voice to your mouth, to your fingertips

It's just as good now (It's just as good now)

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