Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long lost love...

Dear Tissipeia,

"its been two weeks since they started to attack versalis city.. we can't hold the bridge anymore..It is quite cool weather here now and some snow upon the ground but not enough to make sleighing. it seems that this war cannot be ended by lots of sacrificial lambs like us. lord maximillian is also dying because most of his vital organs got hit by some sorcery. our southern army has already surrendered after being mass attacked by draconians as well. believe it or not, i saw captain rix used his ancient trance, yes, the forbidden shadowflames of nether mist.. just like in the books we used to read together. hey, i still have your letters..i always read them when i feel down and missing you. I get lonesome sometimes and I not know what to do, if I ever get out of the service alive i am going to settle down and get married. I hope i could go back home and have a nice afternoon tea with you. i'm going home, i will survive this war, marry you, start a family.. we will be back together. i miss you.. i love you.. my dear you dont know how glad i would be if i could get to see you once more on earth it would be great pleasure ... to hear that peace was made so i could come home to see you and to stay with you the remainder of my days and to enjoy myself with you."

Sincerely yours,
Nexume Cirdan Bloodmourne

"my heart only belongs to you.. please take care of yourself, do the best you can and do not grieve after me.."

- Nexume

- Long lost war letter of Nexume Cirdan Bloodmourne for Tissipeia O'erthe. A part of a war and romance book "Draeganheim" made by me. ^^

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