Sunday, May 23, 2010


10. Powers Boothe
Boothe is a respected stage and screen actor, with over 30 years and an Emmy Award to his manly name. You might have seen him in the violence and expletive-filled movie Sin City or the expletive and violence-filled HBO show Deadwood

9. Lance Armstrong
American professional road racing cyclist who is best known for winning the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times, after having survived testicular cancer.

8. Max Planck
German physicist. He is considered to be the founder of the quantum theory, and thus one of the most important physicists of the twentieth century. Planck was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

7. Commander Flex Plexico
The good commander is a Pentagon defense spokesman, who dealt a lot with detainee issues at Guantanamo Bay. Basically, he is the man who stands there while the world's journalists demand the truth. And Flex tells them they can't handle the truth, and then he jumps into a Jeep with an American flag fluttering in the background while inspiring orchestral music swells and he drives into the sunset.

6. Dr. Duncan Steel
English scientist from Midsomer Norton, Somerset. He is a world-renowned space science authority who has worked with NASA to assess the threat of comet and asteroid collisions and investigate technologies to avert such impacts.

5. Stirling Mortlock
Mortlock is the current Captain of the Australian Wallabies & ACT Brumbies Rugby Union teams. Mortlock has the record for reaching 50 and 100 test points in the shortest ever time.

4. Magnus Ver Magnusson
Nordic naming conventions mean that his name essentially means "Magnus son of Magnus" which immediately brings to mind a line of men, all Magnuses, doing incredibly manly things through the ages.
Magnus Ver Magnusson is the strongest man in the world.He was the strongest man in the world four times, winning the World Strongman contest in 1991 and then from 1994-96. The guy's a man mountain.

3. Dick Pound
Canadian lawyer, partner of the law firm Stikeman Elliott, the former president of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) based in Montreal, and former chancellor of McGill University. He is a former vice-president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and was a one-time candidate for the presidency of that organization.

2. Staff Sgt. Max Fightmaster



Monday, May 10, 2010


Turkish Snowcone

The act of masterbating and letting the cum bubble up like crude oil onto your fist and making your girl lick it. Also, A blowjob with shaved Ice.

She ate that turkish snowcone like a champ!
Damn Betty gave me one hell off a Turkish Snowcone last night and even used Fruit punch flavor!

Filthy Lopez

Since it is based off of the Dirty Sanchez when you make a mustache effect. The Filthy Lopez is when you engage in anal sex then make a full goti and sideburns. A considerable degree smuttier than its Mexican cousin a "Filthy Lopez" additionally involves the use of Peri Peri sauce in the Dirty Sanchez act.

Margaret was horrified when she was given a "Filthy Lopez".
I gave Ted's mom a Filthy Lopez Like she never had before.

Belgian Steamer

Its when you have sex then poop on your girl's back.

Paula washed her back after a hot Belgian Steamer.

Sneaky Castro

To perform oral sex on a woman with a Castro like beard to tikle her inner tighs and her ass(you must grow one or buy one, borrowing is not a good idea.). When the woman is reaching climax then insert a cuban cigar between the beard and into her ass("sneaky"). If you don't have a cigar handy use you finger(extra sneaky). A sexual act in which the man inserts a Havana(or other type of Cigar) into the vagina of his female partner. He then smokes the cigar while blowing the smoke into his partners orafice.


I gave her a Sneaky Castro last night and now the place smells like a Cuban whorehouse.

Mud Pretzel

The act of shaping one's shit into the shape of a pretzel on a significant other's anal area.


Fofifi loved it when Frank made a mud pretzel for her.

Irish Facial

Ejaculating onto a woman's face and immedately after pouring beer on her head.


Damn I shouldnt have used the guiness on that bitch when I gave her the irish facial

Lombardi Slap

This one is my personal favorite. This is the act of smacking one's penis across another's face.


The morning after heavy drinking, the horizontal red welt on Liza's face was evidence that she received a Lombardi Slap from Jason last night.

Portuguese Breakfast

You whisk up some eggs, have her lay down and prop up her ass real high,
take a funnel and pour the eggs in her pussy, then fuck her, and you have just made her "scrambled eggs". Another variation is scrambling eggs and eating them from a woman's vagina.


Honey would you like breakfast? Today's special is Portuguese Breakfast!!

Chili Rainbow

When a woman is arched in the shape of a rainbow, and the man ejaculates all over her.


Anna loves the Chili Rainbow then a pot of gold in her mouth.

Alabama Hot Pocket

The Alabama Hot Pocket is a special fetish maneuver that roughly involves taking a shit into a woman's vagina, typically followed up by a good ole fuckin'.


Shanya decided her vagina needed some lube so her boyfriend performed an alabama hot pocket.


The delicately balanced art of getting your cock sucked while taking a shit.


Dude, after I took your sister to Taco Bell, she gave me the best blumpkin ever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chapter I: First Blood

Warning: Graphic Content

Chapter I: First Blood

Sette Desert 2400 Hrs


Then a loud scream of pain broke the silence of the midnight. Another non Accretian soldier is mutilated and dismembered by the Accretian who wields both Spear and Bow. He is Dallas,
accompanied by other Accretians named Kataklismo, Druze, Securis and Todesmarsche.

"Damn! This corite was abandoned by Decem", Kataklismo said "He should be thankful, my grenades didn't
land any of his body parts",Kataklismo Added
Kataklismo slammed the Corite cadaver into the ground looking for something useful for him.

"Hey, stop that! you will destroy his body and it will be difficult for you to dissect and study his body parts",said by Todesmarsche said then Druze walked near the cadaver, Stomping his foot into the Corite's head. Blood splattered, the twitching and crunching sound of muscles, skull and blood was heard.

"WAHAHAHAHAHA",They all laughed.

After few minutes of laughing at the dead body they suddenly stopped. Their bodies automatically change into battle stances. Holding their weapons from their holsters, alert and ready to kill again.
"Shhhhh",Securis whispered "We should scatter, I guess the Corite Councils are here, I could smell Aoikaze's spear and Hohenheim's staff", Securis added

They scattered, Todesmarsche ducked with his spear on together with Securis they positioned near the corite mob. Kataklismo released his grenade launcher from his bag and changed his Armors into Launcher Set.
Dallas placed arrows on his bow as Druze did the same thing.

"Its Hohenheim with Shazta and AoiKaze, what should we do?"Dallas said

"Let's faced them", Securis whispered

Hohenheim with the rest of corites followed the blood trails until they reached the area where the dead body lies. Shazta covered her nose with her hands.

"We must seek Justice for our fallen brother, May Decem Guide his spirit", Hohenheim said

Hohenheim kneeled and pray.


Securis Suddenly attacked Hohenheim with pressure, Hohenheim easily avoided his attack.

Hohenheim stand up and wielded his staff, pointing it into Securis

"Wait Hohen!!", Shazta said

"We Are Cornered", AoiKaze said

then Druze and Dallas Showed up. Kataklismo and Todesmarsche appeared to from their behind.

"So you are the Guys from Gai'Alshadar Guild?". Securis said

"I've heard a lot from them, can't wait to dissect their body parts!", Kataklismo said

Then Aoikaze draws his spear and attacked Securis with Full Swing.

Kataklismo, Druze, Dallas and Todesmarsche evaded the spear as AoiKaze Spins. Securis also Blocked the spear"

"You are really strong Aoikaze, I've heard a lot about you", Securis said

"Run Shazta and Hohenheim, We cannot face this party, we are outnumbered", AoiKaze said

Shazta and Hohenheim ported out

"Yes we are Gai'Alshadar, I am Aoikaze a Zealot of Decem. Tell me who the hell are you!!", Aoikaze Said

Securis raised his hand and attacked Aoikaze with his Hora Knife. Aoikaze evaded it by stepping back, Securis' knife slammed the ground,

Then Aoikaze ran and the Accretians chased him until they reach the Cora Portal.

"Tell me who you are!!", Aoikaze Shouted

"We are Plague", Securis answered

Then they all attacked Aoikaze......

-End of Chapter-

Credits to: Jai Garcia

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

[GC] Q&A Cheat Sheet

[1] What do you need when upgrading runes? – Aging Core
[2] National Food of the Philippines – Lechon
[3] What is the Special Attack of Red Gorgos – Fire Breath
[4] Amy’s First Job – Dancer
[5] Who is the boss in Bermesiah’s Last Stand – Dark Armon
[6] How many lire jobs are there at the moment – 4
[7] What volcano erupted previously – Mayon Volcano
[8] What is the first gacha pet – kerby
[9] What is the scientific name of Sampaguita – Jasminum Sambac
[10] What is the National Gem of the Philippines – South Sea Pearl
[11] What event happened in Nov 2009 – LU Live @ World Trade Center
[12] GM that is not a member of the Grand Chase GM Team – GM Tristan
[13] What is Lire’s 3rd job – Archranger
[14] What is the largest known Lake (lawa) in the Philippines – Laguna Lake (Lawa ng Laguna)
[15] What is the maximum level of pets – Lv. 40
[16] What is the Bangus Capital of the Philippines – Dagupan
[17] What is the thing that Partusay sits on – Throne
[18] What character in GCPH got released recently – Amy
[19] Who is the father of the fist in PH – Manny “pacman” Pacquiao
[20] What is the national dance of the Philippines – Tinikling
[21] What is the national tree of the Philippines – Narra
[22] What is the name of the upgrading magician – Elena
[23] What is the smallest active volcano in PH -Taal
[24] What is not an Elemental Necklace – Nature
[25] Basic weapon for Elven Druid Ryan -Axe
[26] Which monster does not appear in Kerri Beach – Orc Warrior
[27] Level requirement for 4th job mission – 30
[28] Which first cash item was given to CBT/OBT players – Nickname Change
[29] What rune has a level requirement of 15 – Brave rune
[30] Who was the evil demon the Grand Chase was assigned to defeat – Great Kaze’Aze
[31] What is the national fruit of the Philippines – PENDING! ( it should be Mangga but dunno why )
[32] What item cannot be bought with GP – Shadow Necklace
[33] What is the maximum capacity of a dungeon room – 4
[34] What is the maximum upgrade for a necklace – +9
[35] What is the name of the Volcano in Pampanga – Pinatubo
[36] What is the maximum item slot – 700 slots
[37] Where will you find Pagsanjan Falls? Answer: Laguna.
[38] Players who are early at LU! Live 09 won at LU LIVE 2009 – Early Bird Signboard
[39] What is the lowest level of Dungeon in Grand Chase – Trial Forest
[40] Who is Grand Chase’s Developer – KOG
[41] What is the Level 3 Black Magic Special Attack of Arme’s 1st Job – Meteor
[42] GM ___ Helps Gm Mac and Cassiel in Grand Chase – Gm Maelstrom
[43] What is the name of the boss in Marsh of Oblivion – Elizabeth
[44] How many times can the Natal Ring be used – 3 Times
[45] Who is known as Cripped Hero – Apolinario Mabini
[46] What is not a monster of Trial Forest – Harpy
[47] What accesory can be used to provide Oxygen in Partusay Sea – Oxygen Mask
[48] What monster does not appear on the Kastulle Upper Floor Map – Wendy
[49] What is the item used for upgrading elemental necklaces – Gem/s
[50] What is the name of arme’s second job, which uses chemical concoctions – Alchemist
[51] What is the color of Elesis’ hair – Red
[52] Who is the boss in the Forsaken Barrows that appears at the Hell Bridge as sub-boss – Lich
[53] What item that is given as weekly reward – Circlet of the Spirit
[54] What ring give you the ability MP counter when used with it’s corresponding armor – Castle Lord Ring
[55] GM ___ helps in leading GrandChase pH – GM Cassiel
[56] What even occurred during December 2009 – GWC badge collecting
[57] How many members of Grand Chase PH currently – 7
[58] Which is not displayed in the collection window – Cash Items
[59] Who is the six-time PH bowling champion – Paeng Nepomuceno
[60] How many islands are there in the Philippines – 7107 islands
[61] Which character is not in the original selection – Amy
[62] The 2009 GWC was held at – Daegu, Korea
[63] Which is not an atk of gardosen – Ice breath
[64] GM Vodoo’s Favorite Job – Viken
[65] Who owns the company “Philippine Airlines” – Lucio Tan
[66] What is the Philippine National Green Leaf? (not sure sa structure) – Anahaw
[67] Where can you find the animal butanding – Sorsogon
[68] Which accessory is NOT implemented in Grand Chase? – Gun.
[69] How many slots are there?(not include pet) -7
[70] Who was the Kanavan Knight who first appeared in the Gorge of Oath – Ronan
[71] What is the national bird of the Philippines – Philippine Eagle
[72] Name of boss in ELIA contenent dungeon voilet mage – Elena
[73] Who won GC digmaan national tourney – sayaw darling
[74] What is the national female dress of PH – baro’t saya
[75] Which is not partusay’s skill – Fire breath
[76] Item which is not a pet – jhing shi
[77] What accessory that gaikoz wears at his back – flag (Gaikoz Flag)
[78] Which national hero was born on nov 30 – Andres Bonifacio
[79] What is the name of the weapon of Partusay – Trident
[80] How many tails does Red Gorgos have – 1
[81] What level must you be in in order to take the 3rd Job mission – 20
[82] Where can you find the smallest monkey/animal – Bohol
[83] Who is the boss of Kerrie Beach – Harpy Queen
[84] Who is the Philippines Brain of Revolution (katipunan) – Apolinario Mabini
[85] Where the Dinagyang Festival Happen – Iloilo
[86] What Event was voted as the best event in GCPH as of November 2009 – Rainbow Event
[87] Which necklace has the lowest attack power – Wind Necklace
[88] Who is the 1st president of the Philippines – Emilio Aguinaldo
[89] What is Arme’s Age – 15 yrs. old
[90] GM Heimdall prefers to play – Ronan
[91] How many horns does the boss Wendy of Trial Tower have – 2
[92] What item is equipped to give a character a big head – SD Head
[93] When did the Closed Beta Testing of Grand Chase start – October 14, 2008
[94] Which Map cant be seen in pvp – Partusay Sea
[95] what is the weapon used by elesis 3rd job’ the sword master – Giant Sword
[96] Which president was considered a dictator and was expelled from the country – Ferdinand Marcos
[97] What is the color xenia idol’s hair – Pink
[98] Elesis’ first skill first job – mega slash
[99] What is the habbit of voilet magician of SERADIN – learning more about magics
[100] Who Wrote Noli Me Tangere – Jose Rizal
[101] Who is the general of Hell’s Bridge – Gardosen
[102] How many phases are there in boss fight in Kaze Aaze Castle – 2 phases
[103] What item can increase XP of pet – Nutrients IV
[104] Highest mountain in Luzon – Mt. Pulog
[105] What is the minimum level requirement of pet – 7
[106]Where you can find the fruit known as Durian – Davao
[106] What city is known as the City of Smiles – Bacolod
[107] What is the dungeon wherein the possessed Lass first appears – Ellia Continent
[108] What is the current maximum Level you can reach in Grand Chase – 65
[109] Which monster does NOT appear in the Forgotten City – Fire Golem
[110] On what day is GCPH’s weekly maintenance – Tuesdays
[110] Who among the 4 was a GM for GC PH – Blackheaven
[112] Which equipment slot is unable to use runes – Cloak
[113] What item does the raccoon drops in Trial Forest – Leaf
[114] What activity can be done in park – Read rankings
[115] What is the title of the philippine national anthem – Lupang Hinirang
[116] In which dungeon does Ryan first make an appearance – Elven Forest
[117] What is the armor given to the 3 weekly ranked players – Genesis Armor
[118] Which item can’t be reinforced – Title
[119] What does Ryan transform to – Wolf
[120] GM Heimdall’s Favorite Job – Dragon Knight
[121] The Philippine presidential term of service is _____ years. – 6 Years
[122] What is the effect of the item with the eye icon in pvp item mode – Transparency
[123] Which is not one of GC’s Servers – Kerby
[124] Where was the 1st GC EB held – Ortigas, Mandaluyong
[125] Where is Panagbenga Festival celebrated – Baguio
[126] What skill does basilisk use – Bite
[127] What item heals you when in Fatal status – Kaze’aze healing ball.
[128] Which monthly rank 3 armor set is given to players – Hellfire
[129] Where is Sinulog Festival held – Cebu
[130] Among the list which 4th job came first – Savior
[131] What is the largest mall in the world – SM North Edsa
[132] What is the Philippine National Animal – Kalabaw
[133] GM Mac prefers to play – Elesis
[134] GM Maelstrom’s favorite character – Ryan
[135] What monster does not exist in Elven Forest – Anmon Guard
[136] What is the atk of native leader – Petrify
[137] Which dungeon (in GCPH) currently has the highest level – Ignis mountains
[138] What Events saw an Update to the Park – Halloween/Christmas.
[139] Favorite JOB of GM Maelstrom – Viken
[140] What is the object that Treant, the boss of Trail Forest throw – Apple
[141] How many eyes does the Cyclops have – 1
[142] How old is GC as of now – 1 Year
[143] Who among the four is a GM for GC PH – GM BlackHeaven
[144] What weapon does Elizabeth, boss of Marsh of Oblivion use – Club
[145] What non-basic character did GCPH release first – Ronan
[146] Favorite Job of GM BlackHeaven – Alchemist
[147] How many openings are there in the temple of fire map – 15
[148] What is the group of elesis knights ~ Red Knights


Broken Questions
Questions wherein answers are not definite at the moment
[] Favorite Job of GM BlackHeaven – Alchemist
[] Who ranked first place in GWC Badge collecting – Philippines
[] Which of these items does not bought in Attendance points – Natal Ring
[] Which of the following items does not bought in crystals – peryton wings (accessories)
[] Where can you find the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio
[] What is GMT time of the Philippines – GMT+9
[] Where is amy first seen – Temple of Origins
[] Who is the real boss in Mana Valley – Astaroth
[] What is the monthly reward – Flare Weapons
[] What rare weapons can be found at Bultaros – Purified Mana Weapon
[] What rare items can be found at Zig – Blazing Weapons
[] What is the first ever GACHA set with effects – Leviathan set
[] What is the requirement for Kaze’Aze set – Kaze’Aze map
[] GM Mac favorite Location – Park
[] What can you use Gems for – Feeding Pets
[] Job that summon a Dragon in skill level3 – Dragonknight
[] Female GM in GC PH team – Cassiel
[]GM Maelstorm’s favorite place in GC – PVP
[]What is the effect of queen’s jewel – EXP/GP rate increased
[] GM ___ helps GM Mac and Cass in taking care of GC – Heimdal
[] What is the capital city of the Philippines – Manila
[] When do we celebrate independence day – June 12
[] Among the four. which JOB class came first? – Dark Assassin
[] Who is the brand manager of Grand Chase – GM Mac
[] What city was named after our national hero – Pasay
[] When did the Closed Beta Testing of Grand Chase start -

Credits to : Lockon & GC Forumers