Sunday, September 27, 2009

[Dallas' Guide] How to upload Zendikar Cards in your MWS.

[Dallas' Guide] How to upload Zendikar Card in your MWS.

-Open your Magic Workstation

We need to make a Back Up file for our Master Library. (the one with *.mwbase extension file)

-In your Library Master List, click any card
-Click [b]File[/b], [b]Save Deck / Library As... [/b] and then save it as [b]Backup.mwbase[/b]
-You are now using the Backup.mwbase.
-To switch back to [b]Master.mwbase[/b], locate the folder icon @ upper left corner and click the drop down box
then select [b]Open Libraries[/b]

Now that we have a back up for your Master Library, its time to download a Zendikar Spoiler.
Download it here:
Its a Zendikar.txt file spoiler list. You can print it too for future references.

[i]Its Clean!! Ako nag-upload nyan under my 4Shared Account. kapag nagka virus pa PC mo, bigyan kita Sinkhole! joke. [/i]

After downloading it, just save it inside your MWS Folder. (Any folder actually, as long as you can locate it)

To upload your Zendikar, let's go back to Magic Workstation.

-Click on[b] Tools[/b].
-Click on[b] Analyze,Add,Remove Sets[/b]
-Select [b]Add New Edition[/b] tab
-Type the [i]Edition Name[/i] as "Zendikar"
-Type the [i]Edition Key[/i] as "Zen" or "ZEN"
-Check the [b]Get data from text Spoiler[/b]
-In the [b]Path to Spoiler[/b], click the folder and locate your Zendikar.txt
-Click [b]Next Page[/b]
For you to be able to play Sealed and Draft
-Set the Booster Commons to 10
-Set the Booster Lands to 0
-Click [b]Add Edition[/b]

Now you have Zendikar Cards in your MWS Database.

-Save your Master.mwbase library.
-Close your Magic Workstation to reload your library
-Open it and Enjoy Brewing !


To add images, just go to your MWS Folder, PICS folder and create a folder named "Zen" or "ZEN".
Store the card images there in JPG or JPEG Format.
If you want a full card image use this file format (Ex. "Lotus Cobra.full.jpg")
Use the exact card name, including the caps. like.. (Ob Nixilis, the Fallen.full.jpg and Iona, Shield of Emeria.full.jpg)

Friday, September 25, 2009

The TRUE ending to “the Empire Strikes Back”

Sunday, September 20, 2009


staring at my face
two beautiful sparkling eyes
slowly slowly come

is it a fairy?
gentle like the winter breeze
beauty is unveiled

purity unscarred
skin like the eternal snow
is it a sylph?

motion is made time
into your heaven bosom
my lovely kitten

-Dallas 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"A Thousand Lunar Lotus"

velvet satin cape
stalker of the feudal days
blood of double sky

i fear you my blade
swinging the moontree in arc
endless cycle's fall

split the ground forward
turn around and swing again
dancing forever

calm your heart after
see the lifeless lies beneath
she'll mourn tomorrow

-Dallas 9/9/2009