Sunday, September 27, 2009

[Dallas' Guide] How to upload Zendikar Cards in your MWS.

[Dallas' Guide] How to upload Zendikar Card in your MWS.

-Open your Magic Workstation

We need to make a Back Up file for our Master Library. (the one with *.mwbase extension file)

-In your Library Master List, click any card
-Click [b]File[/b], [b]Save Deck / Library As... [/b] and then save it as [b]Backup.mwbase[/b]
-You are now using the Backup.mwbase.
-To switch back to [b]Master.mwbase[/b], locate the folder icon @ upper left corner and click the drop down box
then select [b]Open Libraries[/b]

Now that we have a back up for your Master Library, its time to download a Zendikar Spoiler.
Download it here:
Its a Zendikar.txt file spoiler list. You can print it too for future references.

[i]Its Clean!! Ako nag-upload nyan under my 4Shared Account. kapag nagka virus pa PC mo, bigyan kita Sinkhole! joke. [/i]

After downloading it, just save it inside your MWS Folder. (Any folder actually, as long as you can locate it)

To upload your Zendikar, let's go back to Magic Workstation.

-Click on[b] Tools[/b].
-Click on[b] Analyze,Add,Remove Sets[/b]
-Select [b]Add New Edition[/b] tab
-Type the [i]Edition Name[/i] as "Zendikar"
-Type the [i]Edition Key[/i] as "Zen" or "ZEN"
-Check the [b]Get data from text Spoiler[/b]
-In the [b]Path to Spoiler[/b], click the folder and locate your Zendikar.txt
-Click [b]Next Page[/b]
For you to be able to play Sealed and Draft
-Set the Booster Commons to 10
-Set the Booster Lands to 0
-Click [b]Add Edition[/b]

Now you have Zendikar Cards in your MWS Database.

-Save your Master.mwbase library.
-Close your Magic Workstation to reload your library
-Open it and Enjoy Brewing !


To add images, just go to your MWS Folder, PICS folder and create a folder named "Zen" or "ZEN".
Store the card images there in JPG or JPEG Format.
If you want a full card image use this file format (Ex. "Lotus Cobra.full.jpg")
Use the exact card name, including the caps. like.. (Ob Nixilis, the Fallen.full.jpg and Iona, Shield of Emeria.full.jpg)

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