Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chapter I: First Blood

Warning: Graphic Content

Chapter I: First Blood

Sette Desert 2400 Hrs


Then a loud scream of pain broke the silence of the midnight. Another non Accretian soldier is mutilated and dismembered by the Accretian who wields both Spear and Bow. He is Dallas,
accompanied by other Accretians named Kataklismo, Druze, Securis and Todesmarsche.

"Damn! This corite was abandoned by Decem", Kataklismo said "He should be thankful, my grenades didn't
land any of his body parts",Kataklismo Added
Kataklismo slammed the Corite cadaver into the ground looking for something useful for him.

"Hey, stop that! you will destroy his body and it will be difficult for you to dissect and study his body parts",said by Todesmarsche said then Druze walked near the cadaver, Stomping his foot into the Corite's head. Blood splattered, the twitching and crunching sound of muscles, skull and blood was heard.

"WAHAHAHAHAHA",They all laughed.

After few minutes of laughing at the dead body they suddenly stopped. Their bodies automatically change into battle stances. Holding their weapons from their holsters, alert and ready to kill again.
"Shhhhh",Securis whispered "We should scatter, I guess the Corite Councils are here, I could smell Aoikaze's spear and Hohenheim's staff", Securis added

They scattered, Todesmarsche ducked with his spear on together with Securis they positioned near the corite mob. Kataklismo released his grenade launcher from his bag and changed his Armors into Launcher Set.
Dallas placed arrows on his bow as Druze did the same thing.

"Its Hohenheim with Shazta and AoiKaze, what should we do?"Dallas said

"Let's faced them", Securis whispered

Hohenheim with the rest of corites followed the blood trails until they reached the area where the dead body lies. Shazta covered her nose with her hands.

"We must seek Justice for our fallen brother, May Decem Guide his spirit", Hohenheim said

Hohenheim kneeled and pray.


Securis Suddenly attacked Hohenheim with pressure, Hohenheim easily avoided his attack.

Hohenheim stand up and wielded his staff, pointing it into Securis

"Wait Hohen!!", Shazta said

"We Are Cornered", AoiKaze said

then Druze and Dallas Showed up. Kataklismo and Todesmarsche appeared to from their behind.

"So you are the Guys from Gai'Alshadar Guild?". Securis said

"I've heard a lot from them, can't wait to dissect their body parts!", Kataklismo said

Then Aoikaze draws his spear and attacked Securis with Full Swing.

Kataklismo, Druze, Dallas and Todesmarsche evaded the spear as AoiKaze Spins. Securis also Blocked the spear"

"You are really strong Aoikaze, I've heard a lot about you", Securis said

"Run Shazta and Hohenheim, We cannot face this party, we are outnumbered", AoiKaze said

Shazta and Hohenheim ported out

"Yes we are Gai'Alshadar, I am Aoikaze a Zealot of Decem. Tell me who the hell are you!!", Aoikaze Said

Securis raised his hand and attacked Aoikaze with his Hora Knife. Aoikaze evaded it by stepping back, Securis' knife slammed the ground,

Then Aoikaze ran and the Accretians chased him until they reach the Cora Portal.

"Tell me who you are!!", Aoikaze Shouted

"We are Plague", Securis answered

Then they all attacked Aoikaze......

-End of Chapter-

Credits to: Jai Garcia


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