Tuesday, October 14, 2008

House of Mars

Why do we end up getting hurt by the people we love? Why do we have to get hurt in the first place if we (us and the person we choose to love), really love each other? Why do we have to loose that love?

It hurts so much when you feel suddenly alone, when in fact you should not be because you know there is somebody special with you. And no matter how you wait, you still end up going through that journey alone. Masakit kung sa masakit, pero anong gagawin mo?

I will not answer the questions I've said above. I'll share with you may realizations instead.

That its not you, its him/her. For somebody who knows how to love, you're always careful not to hurt the person you love. Its like loving somebody the way you would love yourself. You're always careful on the things you do and you say so as not to cause the one you love hurt.

You are capable of loving. When relationship fails its nothing but normal to feel pain which no pain-killer can remedy. Each of us has our own way of recuperating. For some it takes weeks and months of wallowing to that sadness. But to a certain point you need to pick up your shattered pieces and start a new. Here i learned that there's nothing wrong with me. I know how to love. Yes i got hurt in the end but at least i know how to love. Some people do have relationships but actually not relating. (tama ba grammar?) Its ok wallow and be sad but when you've decided to pick up yourself, remember that you should be proud because you showed them that you know how to love, and that you are capable of loving and knowing its true meaning.

So this is say to you reading and to myself as well: Don't be afraid to love again. Yes you got hurt but that's just the now, remember that there is tomorrow. Somebody is there making its way to your life so you have to prepare. Remember the lessons you've learned and use these lessons to your advantage but always allow yourself to commit mistakes for in those mistakes are new lessons to be learned. Never harbor ill feelings to those people who have caused you pain, they just don't know how it is to love. Be brave, the sun raises tomorrow.

-house of mars


Naiah said...

brokenhearted sir dallas ?

i feel so sorry tuloy >,<

Legolas said...

i never knew that jason could be so deep like this

this is not the "dallas- the wholesome guy" i know! promise.

dont have a blog, but thanks for sharing my friend.

Legolas91 here

Dallas said...

Everything begins in the house of mars....