Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Proud to be online game hacker !

Once you get addicted to an online game, sometimes you get frustrated when you don't reach a certain level or obtain your most desired in-game item. But then, there's a term called Hacking/Cheating. Where you can edit most of the game (level, requirements, terrain, actions) or produce any kinds of item in the game by using TPP (third party program).

Hacking/cheating is for people who actually care about the real world. Only pathetic people stay loyal and call themselves "TRUE GAMERS" when they spend 129,128,318 days/months/years just to reach the max level while a hacker can accomplish a tantamount number of accomplishments in a matter of hours or days. Noobs, face it, the truth hurts! PROUD 2 BE HACKER~!

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