Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have vowed to myself that I will not allow anyone to dampen my spirits and I will never be daunted by pessimism. If things do not go my way, then I will patiently wait for things to fall into place. I always believed that everything happens for a reason...that at the end of every dark tunnel there will be light...that every cloud has a silver lining. Lately, it seems that there is something (or someone) shrouding the silver lining of my cloud. I am hoping for my sun to finally rise and shine but my clouds still look gloomy...yet I am still unfazed. I know my time will come. My prayers will be heard and sooner than I expect it, my prayers will finally be answered. All I have to do is have faith in Him and communicate with Him as often as I can. I know He will never fail me. He always fulfills His promises especially to those who wait patiently and believe in Him. One thing I realized is that my spiritual relationship with Him became stronger and that's a silver lining to the dark cloud I have.

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