Monday, November 24, 2008

Diamond Gallery

This lady walks in the diamond gallery
Winter breeze blows through her hair
So sweet and young
You are mine and i am yours

I am a captain of this never ending journey

Come with me, Let me take you to the endless ocean
Let's free our mind, for i am the captain of this dream caravel
No more tears, no more hunger, no more sufferings

You are mine and these two hearts sing as one
Mine only beats for you, and only you
Allow me to show you what i feel
Everything in this diamond gallery is unique and real

Walk with me to the light
Ill show you the path. Fear not ! I'm here by your side
I need you and i love you
You are my treasure

Now Let me hold your hand, hold you tight
Climb on the top of the mountain, take a deep breath
Jump together
Fall in love forever

This is the most wonderful thing that happened to my life
Our love is beyond immortality

- Dallas (2008)

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