Saturday, November 22, 2008

How to be a "ROMANTIC MAN"

Give her a compliment. Don’t just say, “You look great Honey.” Be specific. Notice her shoes or her hair. This will let her know that you’re paying attention.

Write your feelings down in a card, or on any scrap of paper for that matter. Women love it when a man takes the time to articulate his feelings and put them in writing.

Pay attention to things she says or notices, like when watching TV or shopping or out walking. If she says something like, “Oh, I’ve always loved Picasso,” file that away in your brain and then surprise her sometime with a small Picasso-themed gift. This, too, will tell her that you are bothering to learn about her and then acting on what you learn.

Light a candle for dinner or in the bedroom.

Hold her hand.

Create your own romantic ecards, photo albums, slideshows, and videos using photos of the two of you.

Put your arm on the back of her chair in a restaurant, theater, or friend’s house.

Plan a fun date . Even if you’ve been married or dating for years, women like it when a man makes a plan.

Take her in your arms in the middle of the day for no
reason and kiss her passionately.

Send a bouquet of flowers to her at work. All her female co-workers will be envious!

Give her a massage or foot rub.

Take her for a walk at night when the moon is full, or if you live in the city, take a drive away from city lights to where you can see the stars and go for a walk.

Rent a classic romantic movie you know she likes, (we don’t mind seeing the same great romantic movie over and over!) make some popcorn, put a blindfold on her and lead her to the couch.

If she’s going on a business trip, hide love notes in her suitcase.

Surprise her at work by taking her out for lunch.

Dedicate a song on the radio to her.

When she’s taking a shower, write “I Love You” on the steamed-up mirror.

Remember the day you first met, or the day you first kissed, or some other ‘first’ in your relationship and celebrate that anniversary by taking her out to dinner.

Slowly kiss her neck.

Pack a cooler or picnic basket with yummy food and take her on a picnic.

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