Thursday, April 23, 2009



mechagaigon: tapos automatic daw tanggal amp na yan mga uto uto all powerful patch ata tingin nila jhahaha anung hacks kaya gagana haha..

Zhione: walang kwenta kaya nag quit ako RF eh dami dups na sauce!

Arthuro : ang ganda.... ang ganda ko! "d nyo ako mahuhuli ng buhay mga GM's

Gotrix: Hecates could possibly penetrate my armors this time

Energeist: as long as the distributing company doesn't prioritize game security over earning money then this game won't be rid of hackers .Fireguard was the best solution to the dupes and hacks. Too bad the management has no plans on using them anytime soon.By installing fireguard, it will surely mean less hackers which results to less income for them

MECHJADEN: I'm not really excited about the new patch. I think it's a half-baked patch. Based from LUG's actions, I think their main goal is to regain the profit mark that RF once had.
If i were in the RF GM Team, I'd launch the new patch first in test server (very much like Omicron before) wherein a handful of ACTUAL players get to test. I would expose the new patch to the REAL GAMING community. If this would be done, we can make sure that the quality of the patch is not compromised because all other unknown bugs would be seen and proper action can be made before actually releasing the patch to the commercial servers.
But i guess their roadmap is to simply launch the new patch in the commercial servers right away. Why? Because of
MECHJADEN: Also, think about this: there's a new patch but based on the patch release notes, PL spots are still in Bio Lab and Outcast Land. WTH!? Even if they provide x3 XP mods for 2 months and jades with it, I think only 24 x 7 players will even get to reach lv60+.
I really have a lot to say, but the bottom line is... this patch is about the ITEM MALL.

Ays: wahaha Let us wait what will happen Next Patch and Im Sure , More bugs is comming... hehe..

CIAO: d ko pa na DDL amf bagal net d2. gumagana parin CE sa new patch?

Xianger: sana wag maging BIAS c Restless! Tandaan mo Accretian ka rin dati! at Dating PLAYER din!

John Jacob Cruz: RF ? pkbgay ulit site^^

IIllIIIIllllIIII: ASA PA ! kuya duper lang ako. dupe pa ako marami hahahaah . mag dupe ulet aq next patch . i love you ol!

PapaRootskull: Dupe Project Sucess!

Wendy: kahit anu naman cgro pede ma hack, e kung magagaling cla, laaht naman ata ng games me downside" wala na kc me maisip xD unless mabasa q ibang comments ng mga tao, at kkgcng q lang din^_^ "s2pd and dumb LUG's"

Venetto: olah! hail duppers! lols

Ryczek: in my little experience sa global, masasabi ko is ayus! despite andami2 nang chechebureche, maganda naman serbisyo.. mga cheaters, nahuhuli agad as well as nababan agad.. meaning, active ang GMs ng CCR.. sobra.. that's global RF..pero nasa PH tayo eh.. handled by LU.. lam mo naman

Mringankasekhar: the rf online equation. lu management + recession + new patch = goodluck guys


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