Sunday, July 24, 2011


I never thought that a night could last forever. I never deemed that a single smile could run a thousand mile, a single stare could get a foot deep into my soul, a single touch could take me to cloud nine, and a single kiss could warm my below-zero degree freezing heart.

The sky is bluer than the ocean. The wind is colder than the spring. The sun is happier than the clown. Everything is gulping the air as if my emotions are nurturing them to envisage a perfect world for me. That night perfected my day as well as the coming days. The future was indistinct, but that very night was the realization of my future to clear its horizons.

Was it how you intimately held my hand that made me feel weak, that I could not even grab a pen and stroke the words “I like you”? Was it how you closely pressed your body against mine that I could not even bother to keep my distance from you? Was it how you whispered the words “I wanted to see you everyday” that made me keep on looking for you? Was it how you smiled at me that keeps me wanting to gaze another sunshine? Was it how you passionately kissed my lips that made me ask for more? Or was it the song “I’m yours” that was played over and over again that made our souls promise that we belong to each other?

Now, my days are hiding and my nights are pleading. My heart is screaming with misery. My lips are craving for your name and my mind is flying towards your existence. I am now holding one fixation, and that is the memory of a night that I will keep for eternity.

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