Sunday, October 7, 2012

House of Mars: Being poor ?

Being poor is the ultimate opportunity handed by a person.
Being poor is no excuse for being filthy & uneducated.
Being poor is no excuse for living in a dirty house & wearing dirty clothes.
Being poor is no excuse for living surrounded by clutter & garbage.
Being poor means that,. if you cant presently afford University/College you can still educate yourself until such time as that goal is within your reach.
Being poor means being surrounded by necessities...

....while being rich means surrounded by "things".

When you're rich you can buy perceived happiness but when you're poor you make your own happiness.
Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths & some have to go looking for it. They end up a better people for chasing after it because they have to learn valuable lessons along the way.

Being poor means you start at the bottom & work your way up..I know its hard to work your way up, but the trip worth the effort. You ll never forget what you learned along the way.
Being poor means you have to give back to life, something to look up to, something to achieve.
Whereas, when your rich you are always looking down.

Stop saying "I'm poor, poor, poor!!"

Pretty soon you'll begin to believe it..

Start saying "I am a temporary financial disadvantage right now but I can do something about it"

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