Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maison de Mars: Trust vs. Mistrust

Trust is a very important thing to me as I am sure it is to everyone. Trust is what makes people stay friends. Without trust we will withdraw and never share our feelings, thoughts, emotions with anyone.

I have had friendships break up and I still hold the same secrets that were told to me during the friendship. I do this not only for those who have shared their secrets but for myself also. I feel there is integrity and honor in safeguarding trust, regardless of what happens to the relationship.

Trust is a sacred thing. The ability to hold that trust with honor and integrity when things may have gone awry is a highly admirable quality. Trust is such a fragile thing as well. Once broken it rarely grows again.

Everyone has had their trust violated at some point in time and it can be devastating.

Trust, honor, loyalty, a man is an empty vessel without these traits.

You know it, I know it, not everyone does.

We must be careful who we place our trust in, good judgment isn't always as good as we first suspected. We can't let a bad judgment or one pathetic person skew our view of humanity. It's more difficult in cyberland to make good judgments, but we are learning aren't we?

I realize that it is only a select few that have no scruples. Yes I am learning.

Our principles should not waver in the face of someone else's unprincipled behavior.

I find it hard to trust, but trust is an important part of friendship, in fact the most important.

Trust is what make the best and truest friends. Sadly, trust is one I do not give out to often, which in turn leaves me a bit friendless. Nobody really knows who I am, so I am able to be honest and trust that all secrets are well secrets!

Trust can be a dangerous thing to give to another, which in my opinion, is why it is hard to gain.

In the right hands it can be a devastating weapon or it could be the most wonderful thing a person could receive. I choose the second one myself.

I don't know you all that well, working on that though, but I still am wanting you to know that I am a person who sticks up for what is right and for the real truth. Its something I have striven for all my life. (is striven even a word?) If you need it I will be there for you or anyone who needs it. THAT is the truth!

"The trust I give.... too soon I given well to you....If not returned to me....I know, mine was not undone."

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