Sunday, October 7, 2012

House of Mars : Pureless pain... Love.

...choose me,
love me,
let me make you happy...

they say that when you love someone, you have to say it, shout it to the world...or the moment just passes you by. this is supposedly a very romantic but painful line especially for someone who can't do it. what is it with the love word that is scarily beautiful.

saying "i love you" takes courage.

what if you meet someone today who will turn out to be your "bestest man or woman in the world." however, he/she will always be a friend and nothing more. like he/she is the dream guy/girl who can never walk down the aisle with you because he/she has someone else. what would you do?
...snatch him/her,
take him/her to the altar for his/her dream girl/boy to marry?
love him/her in silence...

what if you love someone but he/she doesn't love you in return?
what would you do?
i will just love him/her for a month or so, just to feel the feeling of loving that someone
turn my back
leave everything behind and move on.

what about having a friend that you can never love
for other women/men he/she is close to perfect
but in some cosmic way you just can't see that in him/her
what would you do?
let time be the best judge
you might find yourself falling for him/her
just wish that it won't be too late,
he/she might find someone else who will love him/her in return

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